Police: 18 Year Old Had Sex With Children In Upper Bucks County

by Alex Lloyd Gross

When someone turns 18 they are legally and adult. Even though their mind might not be fully developed or they want to do things they did a few years ago, they cannot. Some of those things are wrong.

Like dating young teenage girls, getting high and drunk. None of that stopped 18 year old Josh Karabell, from Richland Township, which is in Upper Bucks County PA. Police said that recently, he is alleged to have met a 13 year old girl and then given her drugs and alcohol. When the girl was inebriated, he had sex with her, police said.

Karabell is charged with Statutory Sexual Assault, and two counts of corruption of the morals of a minor.

The Investigation is ongoing, as it is believed there may be more victims who have yet to report contact with Karabell. Anyone who feels they may be a victim of Karabell are urged to contact your local police. Please contact Detective Sergeant Matthew Lawhead at Richland Township Police if you have any information. 215-536-9500.

Karabell is in Bucks County Prison under $500,000 bail.

2 thoughts on “Police: 18 Year Old Had Sex With Children In Upper Bucks County

  1. Joshua also stabbed my brother in the chest on April 26 2024, but the police haven’t done anything about it. The knife was two inches from fatal and 2cm from puncturing a lung.

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