Four Males Wanted For Stealing Nerf Guns From Bensalem Target

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Nerf Guns can provide hours of good clean fun. Provided they are gotten the correct way, as a purchase or as a gift from someone that purchased one. When they are stolen, they can cause legal problems. That is exactly what four males will find out soon , after stealing them from the Bensalem Target store on May 27, 2024.

Police said they walked into the store, they each grabbed one and then ran pout of the store without paying. Police said they ran towards, and got into a dark-colored Volkswagen Jetta and a gray-colored Kia Sportage. No direction of travel was given.

If you know the identity of the males in the photo, Bensalem Police want to hear from you, (215) 633-3719. When caught, they will face charges of retail theft and other, related charges.