Rolling Stones Delivered The Hits In Philly

DVN Staff

PHOTO BY ROGER BARONE- Mick Jagger belts out a tune at the Linc.

June 11, 2024 was a day quite a few die hard Rolling Stones fans either left work early or did not come in at all. They had tickets for the show and wanted to be down front. After all, some of them paid about $1000.00 for their tickets

That show started a bit late but did not end at 11:00PM as it was scheduled. In fact, there was no curfew. The show ran about two hours. The stadium looked full, but tickets were available by show time. Fans wanted to see and hear Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood play their hits and maybe some “B sides”. They got what they wanted.

The stage had a thrust, which came out into the crowd mid way. There was no smaller stage that the band came out and played on, like they did in years before. Only Mick, and to a lesser extend Keith Richards used the thrust to come into the crowd a bit closer.

The band opened with “Start Me Up” then went right into “It’s Only Rock and Roll”. After that, the Rolling Stones told the crowd what they wanted t0o do, as “Let’s Spend the Night Together” was next. It would have been great to hear gems such as “Fortune Teller” or even “Poison Ivy”. but that was not to be.

The stones stayed with the majority of their radio hits such as “Sympathy For the Devil” , Midnight Rambler” and of course “Gimme Shelter”. They are on tour in support of their new record Hackney Diamonds. From that, they played “Angry”.

This may be the last time they are in town. Members are in their 80’s. That fact did not stop them from putting on a stellar show. Back in 1981 they sold out JFK Stadium for two shows, back to back. They did the same in 1989 only at Veterans Stadium. Neither of those venues are standing. However the Rolling Stones are. They will play Cleveland this Saturday.