Suspect Charged In Shooting Of Philadelphia Police Officer

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Ramon Rodriguez Vazquez wanted to escape from a police vehicle stop last night on the 3500 block of F Street. When police pulled over a vehicle, he was in with three other people, he ran and allegedly fired three shots at police, hitting one officer in the neck, police said.

The officer’s partner fired a shot but missed. He then rushed the officer to Temple Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition. The suspect remained at large for several hours, before.

Police said that Vazquez then allegedly burst into a private home carrying a gun and barricaded himself, before he was arrested a short distance away.

Rodriguez is charged with two counts of Attempted Murder Of A Police Officer, multiple weapons offenses and also kidnapping and burglary, and related offenses. A mug shot has not been released. The officer’s name has not been released as well.

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1 thought on “Suspect Charged In Shooting Of Philadelphia Police Officer

  1. I don’t understand why this DISPRUPTION to society’s desire to live in a peaceful world is continuously threatened and ignored by these types of individuals.
    Mind you, I believe in freedom for everybody, and not singling out any specific culture…
    But this fairly recent surge of DISRUPTIONS, caused by the childish hispanic punks has to be addressed and stopped.
    The LOUD music booming from cars, racing at high speeds down our residential streets is another annoyance, and a danger to others.
    And those extremely loud engines fit for Atco Raceway is another.
    Because one day, someone’s liable to shut that window-rattling boom machine down with a lead projectile.
    People have had enough!
    Turning our once peaceful neighborhoods into some kind of ghetto is not the idea of excersizing freedom.
    And the same goes goes for those parked vehicles blasting latin boom-boom-boom for hours.
    Mayor Parker needs to address this issue, among others.

    I pray that the Officer makes it through this tragedy.

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