Thousands Show To See Southampton Days Parades

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A quick video of the parade start.

Yesterday, there were two parades that made their way through both Upper and Lower Southampton. Part of Southampton Days. They started early in the morning about 9:30 AM in Upper Southampton. About an hour before the start, hundreds gathered along Second Street Pike and Street Road to claim their spot.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Politicians line up for a quick photo before the parade.

Of course, politicians were there, they or their representatives wanted to be either elected into office or stay in office. Dave McCormick, who is running for US Senate was on the ground, talking with potential voters, as was Dave Sunday, who is running for Bucks County District Attorney. Both are republicans. It was interesting to see some supporters for independent candidate for POTUS, Robert Kennedy. One male rode the parade in a pedacycle.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley an interesting vehicle entered the parade.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Military vehicles are being driven through the parade.

It’s not all politicians at the parades. There are community organizations and important places like the library. Some local businesses either pulled floats or had people marching to show off their business. Some had huge trucks, others just went in cars.

Speaking of cars, there were a lot of classic and antique vehicles. Many of those that marched had tossed candy to children, many children brought bags and buckets to take the haul home from the parade. Of course fire trucks and emergency vehicles were very prevalent, with lots of new and antique fire trucks.