DA Krasner Takes Death Penalty Off the Table In Temple Police Murder

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has refused to charge Miles Pfeffer, of Buckingham Twp. Pa with the death penalty. Pfeffer is charged with killing Temple University Police Officer Christopher Fitzgerald. in February of 2023.

Alex Lloyd Gross/File Photo-Delaware Valley News.com Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner

Krasner is an opponent of the death penalty. Officer Fitzgerald’s family wants Peffer to face the death penalty. They call it a disgrace and this decision has renewed efforts to impeach Larry Krasner.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com The funeral procession for Christopher Fitzgerald.

Azizz Gill, who is running for the 172nd district to be a representative has called in the PA Senate to push this through. Gill said that Krasner has not met with the Fitzgerald family about this matter. The Fitzgerald family said that by putting the death penalty on the table, you are also putting future criminals on notice that this could happen.

According to Gill, “Larry Krasner continues to defy common sense and common decency. His refusal to even meet with Officer Fitzgerald’s family proves he is following a political agenda instead of being a prosecutor. This case would be better served by the Special Prosecutor and the Attorney General’s office should take it over now,” Gill concluded.

Officer Fitzgerald was murdered within 500 feet of a SEPTA location and under a recently passed law, the state Attorney General has the power to prosecute crimes on SEPTA properties; Untermeyer is the prosecutor named by the Attorney General to handle these cases.

Peffer is sitting in jail with no bail. He was not in court today for his arraignment. His trial date has not been set. Fitzgerald was killed chasing Peffer for a robbery at 17th and Montgomery.

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1 thought on “DA Krasner Takes Death Penalty Off the Table In Temple Police Murder

  1. Who remembers the 1981 murder of Philly Police Officer Daniel Faulkner by Mumia-Abu-Jamal?
    That slime has been sitting in prison on Taxpayers money since that time.

    This updated news about Krasner’s failure to uphold the law – because of his beliefs, is utter insanity.
    But then again, it’s clear to many that he’s worthless.

    The poor families of the victims are denied proper justice, once again.

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