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Adoptable Animals

NOW Would Be A Purfect Time To Adopt A New Pet

by Alex Lloyd Gross Oct 2 2021 With eviction moratoriums  being eased,  many people  are losing their apartments or houses for non payment of rent.  They have to downsize or maybe they are moving to a community that does not allow pets.   That means they have to surrender their pet.  Many shelters in the area

City Health Commissioner: You Cannot Get COVID-19 from Your Pets

by Alex Lloyd Gross Dr. Thomas Farley, Philadelphia Health Commissioner knows what he is talking about when people ask about COVID-19.  He was asked about people who panic about  the pandemic by thinking their pets can transmit the disease. Don’t laugh. In China,  stupid, ignorant people were doing unthinkable things to their pets. In Australia,

NOW Is the Time To Adopt These Two Cats

With all of the crazy news going on in the world,  cats add stability to your life.  At the Women’s Animal Center  two cats are in need of a home. What makes them special is they are brothers and must be adopted together. Meatball  and Sunny.  They are a bit overweight so you may want

Adopt Millie This Valentines Day

Millie is a one year old female .  She is super friendly and loves children.  She can even live with other pets.  She is a resident of the Women’s Animal Center in Bensalem on Richlieu Road. She has some kidney problems and needs special care which includes a special diet.  That is why she was

Your Home Could Be Buster’s Safe Space

Meet Buster, a four year old Pit Bull   Mix is  a new addition to the Women’s  Animal Shelter on Richlieu Rd In Bensalem . He is a sweet heat.  This guy is anything but vicious.He is shy and timid.  He will need some time to come out of his shell. Buster can live with

Take Tommy Home This Weekend

Meet Tommy. A three year old cat who has been at the Women’s Animal Shelter on Richlieu Road for six months. Tommy wants to come home with you, and he promises to be a good boy. He is at the shelter only because his previous owner had to go to a nursing home. He loves

Buttercup Looking For A Home

Buttercup is a six month old female bunny. She is at the Women’s Animal Shelter on Richlieu Rd. in Bensalem . Her previous owners brought her to the shelter when the rabbits they had gave birth to her. It was too difficult to take care of all of their rabbits.   She is a great

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