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Adoptable Animals

Take Luna Home For the Holidays

Luna, a 10 year old Calico  has been at the Women’s Animal Shelter in Richlieu Road in Bensalem since July. It’s time for her to go to her furever home.  She was an owner surrender when the former owner could not take her with when they moved.  She loves to get petted and loves attention. 

Tortellini Needs An Experienced Human

Tortellini is a special cat that is not for everyone. A first time cat owner is not going to be fully able to appreciate  this 2 year old female.  You see, this cat is shy but sassy.  It might take extra time for someone to bring Tortellini out of her shell. She may run and

Sal Needs A Patient Owner

Meet Sal. A 6 year old male  cat who has been at the Womens Animal Shelter on Richlieu Road for  about 7 months.  That is 7 months too long.  He is great with kids and likes other cats. He is FIV positive. That means his immune system is a bit weaker than other cats.  If

Take Jarred Home For Halloween

Meet Jarred. He is the oldest shelter dog available for adoption at the Womens Animal Shelter on Richlieu Road, in Bensalem.   This handsome boy is 11 years old. He needs a few extra baths due to a skin allergy that he has. This allergy produced a small rash on his tail and hind legs but

Take Gizmo Home For Halloween, Keep Him Furever

Gizmo is a 16 year old senior cat. He is available for adoption at the Womens Animal Center on Richlieu Road, in Bensalem.   Gizmo is a Main Coon which means he is a big bigger than other cats. He had to be put up for adoption when his owners moved and could not take him. 

Cat Rescued From a Cat Hoarder Needs a Real Home

Jacki is a Domestic Shorthair who was hoarded with a bunch of other cats. Cat hoarding is never good. While the hoarder may think they are helping, they are not. This is the case where this poor car  received a serious eye infection. The infection was so bad that her left eye had to be

Meet Leeloo Today, Take Her Home Free This Weekend

By Alex Lloyd Gross Leeloo is a four year old beauty who had to be surrendered to the Womens Animal Center on Richlieu Road, in Bensalem, about four months ago. She is great around children and other animals. Leeloo is stressed more than normal, when her family had to move. This caused some skin problems

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