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Male Arrested For Southampton Hit and Run

by Alex Lloyd Gross If you are driving a vehicle and are involved in a crash, you must stop and identify yourself . That’s the law. Unfortunately,  Nakir Thompson either forgot or did not care when he was involved in a serious crash at Street Rd and Gravel Pike in Upper Southampton PA, on September 

Woman Pulls Gun On Fast Food Clerk, Robs Store Of Food On Cottman

by Alex Lloyd Gross No one wants to work. Stores everywhere are short staffed and that means reduced hours or other inconveniences to customers.  The Chipolte Store on 2337 Cottman Ave. could not handle the influx of in person customers and  the store was closing to in person ordering and having customers order online.  One

Couple Wanted For Retail Theft From Falls Store

by Alex Lloyd Gross Two people are wanted by Falls Twp. Police for stealing items from a store on Commerce Blvd.  This happened on September 22, 2021 at about 6:00PM.  They left in a silver Chrysler Town and Country mini van , direction unknown.     This happened in at ULTA store.  The female was

Trio Indicted For Stealing Cable TV Shows, Then Selling Them

by Alex Lloyd Gross It is illegal to take television shows and stream them over the internet.  The product is copyrighted and in many instances, the shows are proprietary product of specific  networks, to entice people to pay for the programing.  Those networks  frown upon those that would distribute those shows outside their network, especially

Bensalem Temp Agency Owner Indicted For Tax fraud

PHILADELPHIA – Acting United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams announced that Heng Han, 49, of Bensalem, PA, owner of HBH Global Resources, Ltd., was charged by Indictment on charges related to his alleged failure to pay over the trust fund portion of HBH’s employment taxes for quarters in 2015 to the Internal Revenue Service, and

Warrants and Damaged Signs, Bristol Twp Police Log Sept 2021

#21-16615 Arrest 9-16-21, 0702 hours, Bristol Pike, Levittown, Pa. The below subject was arrested on a Bench Warrant out of Delaware County and released to the Delaware County Sheriff’s. Kenneth Girard Williams, B/M, 58 years old Ford Road Bristol, Pa #21-16692 Arrest 9-17-21, 1304 hours, Groveland Avenue, Levittown, Pa. The below subject was arrested on

Murder Warrants Issued For Pat’s Steak Killing

by Alex Lloyd Gross September 19 2021 Philadelphia Police announced today, they have secured warrants for the arrest of  two males in connection with the killing of Isidro Cortez from Queens New York,. This happened just before 2:00 AM September 16, 2021.   Police said that Cortez was at the soccer stadium in Chester Pa with

Falls K-9 Officer Remembers His Partner, Tag.

Since Cpl. Steve Langan met Tag, the dog who would become his 11-year partner in April 2008, the two were virtually inseparable. The K-9 officer and his four-legged partner lived and worked together. Tag accompanied the Langan family on annual vacations to Myrtle Beach and even traveled with them to Disney World. “I took him

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