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Stolen Campaign Signs, Bad Parking- Accusations= Philly DA’s Race

by Alex Lloyd Gross The Philadelphia District Attorney will be elected Tuesday. The republican candidate will be Charles Peruto, a prominent defense lawyer.  He wants to unseat democrat Larry Krasner.  The democrats running are Carlos Vega and Larry Krasner, the incumbent. Krasner is a progressive who has instituted massive change in the district attorney’s office.

Local Congressman Wants To Defund Cities That Defund the Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross Rabble rousers and loudmouth community activists have for the past few years tried to bully local politicians  into defunding their local police.  It starts with a mistake that an officer made maybe in their town or thousands of miles away.  They see the entire police department as inept and at times

Male Wanted For Vicious Sexual Assault In Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Police just released an updated sketch with photos of a male who is wanted for a terrifying, horrible and vicious attack on a woman in west Philadelphia.  On April 21, 2021, a woman was sleeping in her apartment on the 400 block of South 45th Street.  The male confronted her

Churchville Woman Gets Husband Arrested For Storming Capitol

by Alex Lloyd Gross Gary Edwards went to Washington DC on Jan 6 2021.  The Churchville Pa. resident was there to protest the election results.  The FBI said he did more than that. They allege that he entered the US Capitol  without permission.   He walked around, chatted with people, maybe took some photos and

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