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Northampton Township

Tornadoes and Flooding Ravage Area

by Alex Lloyd Gross September 1 2021 Several tornadoes and severe storm cells were reported in the Delaware Valley this evening, the left over remnants of Hurricane Ida.  At least one twister was caught on video  near the Burlington Bristol Bridge, behind the DOW chemical plant. It was observed clearly from the New Jersey side

NJ Resident Steals Checks From Mailbox and Forges Info On Them

by Alex Lloyd Gross When people put their mail in a mailbox,they expect it to go to their intended destination.  No so in Newtown Twp., Bucks County. In November of 2020, multiple people contacted the Newtown Twp. Police regarding check fraud.  All of them placed their mail into the mailbox outside the Newtown Post Office,

Contractor Arrested For Fraud In Newtown

by Alex Lloyd Gross Good contractors are difficult to find.   Some nickel and dime you, others take your money and ghost you when it gets time to do the work. Steven Simpson is a contractor that was allegedly playing the  the “get back to you ” game when it came time to do work. This

Male Arrested For Animal Abuse In Northampton Twp.

by Alex Lloyd Gross When people go away on vacation or on a trip-, they  may leave their animals in the care of trusted friends or relatives. That is what happened in January of 2020, when a victim left six Yorkshire Terrier’s in her home, in Northampton Twp.under the care of her niece and her

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