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Everyone’s Entitled To My Opinion- On The Covid Virus

by Paul Big Bear Dear Friends,        How has this pandemic affected you? How has your life changed? I am guessing that finances have had to be adjusted, physically are you less active as gyms have been closed, are you eating differently as food shopping became a process of waiting in line wearing a mask

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Memorial Day

by Paul Big Bear Dear Friends,        Memorial Day is fast approaching and for the second year there will be no parades or Memorial speeches to honor our veterans. Ginny and I have long looked forward to participating in the Memorial Day celebrations honoring the brave men and women of America’s Armed Forces. For years

Local Media Excluded From Presidential Visit Today

by Alex Lloyd Gross Joe Biden is the President Of the United States.  He is coming to Philadelphia for an event at the Amtrak 30th Street station later today, April 30, 2021. Almost none of the coverage of this event will be generated by local media reps.  This is right in line with how Biden

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Life Choices

by Paul Big Bear Dear Friends,       There is so much discussion about life from when it begins to when does it end, quality of, how to live it, how to extend it, to what lives matter? Does life begin with conception? Birth? Does it end when the heart stops beating or when the body

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion -On Going Back

By Paul Big Bear Dear Friends,        Have you ever been asked or asked yourself, If could go back in time would I do things differently? What would you change? ; I would do better in school, I would have been a better athlete, I would have never started smoking – drinking – drugs? I

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion: On Fear

by Paul Big bear Dear Friends,       “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Then President Franklin D. Roosevelt said this in 1933, since that time it has become an oft used quote. Around the campfire we learned fear in the form of stories filled with ghosts and monsters, who was listening in 1938

Everyone is Entitled To My Opinion: On Being Lonely

By Paul Big Bear, Hello Friends,        It has been over a year since we were first told to wear a mask, to social distance, work at home, home school, further we were told, well too many dictates to list here the bottom line, our country as we know it was changed. Our lives impacted

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