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Small Neighborhood Trump/Back the Blue Rally Held at City Limits

by Alex Lloyd Gross A small but vocal rally was held today, September 12, 2020 to support first responders and Donald Trump.  The chosen site was Frankford Ave. and Knights Road. Just before noon, people started together with signs and flags.They wanted to spark interest in their candidate and show support for first responders. By

19 Years After 9/11 You Don’t Recognize The USA

by Alex Lloyd Gross On September 12, 2001,  Americans were in shock after what happened the day before. We were attacked.  As  the populace watched on 24/7television, we saw an outpouring of support for firefighters and police.. Many thought they should get raises, you cannot pay those people enough. As the investigation unfolded,  the country

Thousands Could Get Electric Service Shut Off

by Alex Lloyd Gross As COVID-19 relief  valves come to a close, many people who pay rent will find themselves ready to deal with a landlord that wants their money.  The moratorium on evictions ends today, September 1 2020.  Courts all around the region are bracing for landlords to walk in and file papers.  Businesses

Attorney General Takes 35 Drug Dealers Off Streets of Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross Kensignton is a breeding grounds for drug dealers. As soon as one gets taken off the streets, another one steps up to take their place.  Today, August 24, 2020, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro met the media at the Harrowgate Shopping Plaza  off of  I Street to announce the results of

Two Women Steal MAGA Hat From Child, Arrested For Robbery

by Alex Lloyd Gross The race for President has two major candidates and a few few third party candidates. Some people are intolerant of any one else that does not share their views. Such is the case in Wilmington Delaware, where part of the Democratic National Convention was held. 21 year old Camryn Amy and

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