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Gregg Shore demoted

Antonetta Stancu, Bucks County DA Challenger Wants Gregg Shore Fired

Democratic challenger for the position of District Attorney of Bucks County PA has issued a statement regarding Gregg Shore. That statement appears below in it’s entirety   “As a 16-year veteran prosecutor and a Bucks County taxpayer, I am disgusted that District Attorney Matt Weintraub’s top deputy, Gregg Shore, was caught working as a DoorDash

Gregg Shore, Demoted For DoorDashing While On Duty At DA’s Office

  by Alex Lloyd Gross Gregg Shore, the former First Assistant District Attorney For Bucks County PA  got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, . He did something that many people call so stupid that it defies description. Shore was caught driving for DoorDash while he was supposed to be working.  The DA’;s