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Larry Krasner

Stolen Campaign Signs, Bad Parking- Accusations= Philly DA’s Race

by Alex Lloyd Gross The Philadelphia District Attorney will be elected Tuesday. The republican candidate will be Charles Peruto, a prominent defense lawyer.  He wants to unseat democrat Larry Krasner.  The democrats running are Carlos Vega and Larry Krasner, the incumbent. Krasner is a progressive who has instituted massive change in the district attorney’s office.

Victims Family Slams Philly DA Krasner

By Alex Lloyd Gross Yet another victim of a violent crime has come out swinging against Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. Linda Schellenger said as a Philadelphia jury acquitted Michael White of Voluntary manslaughter today, October 17 2019. Immediately after the verdict, she stood up and told the court “I’d like Larry Krasner arrested for

Sex Trafficker Convicted in Philadelphia

  Following an extensive investigation by the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) Special Victims Unit (SVU) and with the brave cooperation of five adult women victims, a jury on Friday, August 9th, convicted 50-year-old Richard Collins of Kensington of four counts of Trafficking in Individuals, three counts of Involuntary Servitude, one count of Rape – Unconscious/Unaware,

Maureen Faulkner back in town for rally and she is not happy with the latest developments

By  Alex Lloyd Gross Maureen Faulkner lost her husband, Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner to a shooting by Wesley Cook, aka Mumia Abu Jamal almost 40 years ago.  She has been in court for all of the proceedings and now, she has to come back to deal with what her camp calls “incompetence”  from Philadelphia

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