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Paul Big Bear

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion On Pets and Life

by Paul Big Bear Hello Friends,       Did you have a pet when you were young? A dog, cat, hamster, perhaps you had fish? Over the years I had quite a menagerie, not only dogs and cats but squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, raccoons, birds, fish, and a frog to name several. All math majors as they

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion On Want vs Need

by Paul Big Bear Dear Friends,          I demand! We grew up with our needs met, we had no demands they would not have been well received anyway. We had desires, goals, aspirations, dreams all things we knew we could have, not for the mere asking and certainly not by demanding. But we knew we

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion: On Fear

by Paul Big bear Dear Friends,       “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Then President Franklin D. Roosevelt said this in 1933, since that time it has become an oft used quote. Around the campfire we learned fear in the form of stories filled with ghosts and monsters, who was listening in 1938