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Atty. General Gets Ticket Patrons Money Back For Canceled Events

by Alex Lloyd Gross Prior to the pandemic, people were buying tickets to events in the Philadelphia area via Event Ticket Sales LLC and its managing member, Guinio W. Volpone, started after consumers complained they were being charged fees through the business’s alias, Secure Box Office at secureboxoffice.com (formerly Box Office Tickets at box-officetickets.com), that

Philly Is Now LOCK DOWN CITY Until January 1, 2021

by Alex Lloyd Gross Not only does the regressive soda tax kill businesses,  the corona virus is causing more businesses to close than ever could have been imagined.  They closed because of lock downs put into place by governors and mayors, hoping to stop the spread of the virus.  After the first shut down in

Center City Philly Goes Wild As Biden Wins Presidency

by Alex Lloyd Gross If you have to be anywhere near center city Philadelphia today, November 7, 2020 take a train.  Joe Biden won the election for President of the United States and several area of the city have erupted into street celebrations.   The largest being around city hall.   By 2:00 PM traffic was diverted 

Trump Files Lawsuits As Victory Is Close For Biden

by Alex Lloyd Gross President Donald Trump is behind in the Electoral College Count. As of 9:00 PM  Nov 4, 2020 he has 214 as Joe Biden has 264. Those numbers are reported by  many news outlets. There are other outlets that have Biden at 253. He needs to get to 270. So does Trump.

Why Trump and Biden Both Lost the Vote From the Media

by Alex Lloyd Gross Forget about endorsements. They don’t mean anything. They are what five or six members of an editorial board sit down and come to a consensus . Both Donald Trump personally, and the Joe Biden campaigns either disenfranchised members of the media, or flat out screwed them over.  This is not the

As Election Day Nears, Trump and Biden Will Blanket The Area

by Alex Lloyd Gross Election Day is coming November 3 2020. Joe Biden wants to be president and Donald Trump wants to stay president. Pennsylvania is a key battleground state.  That means both candidates are making trips to the area and sending representatives into this area to stump for them. Today, Donald Trump is rumored

Delaware To Receive 290,000 Fast Acting COVID Tests

Dover, DE – As part of the Trump Administration’s comprehensive national effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and to assist the nation’s Governors in doing so, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is sending 290,000 state-of-the-art Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 point of care antigen tests to the State of Delaware. The rapid point

52-48 Justice Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed To US Supreme Court

by Alex Lloyd Gross Justice  Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court today, October 26, 2020.The vote came just rammed through the before 8:00 PM. It was largely along party lines. New Jersey Senator Corey Booker voted against her, while PA Senators Pat Toomey voted in the affirmative and Robert Casey

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