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Bristol Borough

Bristol Borough Cops Looking For A Pair of Thieves

by Alex Lloyd Gross Nobody likes a thief.  You left or keep something outside  or in a vehicle. When you come out it is gone. You are furious   In Bristol Borough, Police want to speak with the female in the above photo about an incident  that happened  September 4 2020. There are two thefts and

Bristol Borough Police Catch Male Stabbing His Ex Wife

by Alex Lloyd Gross Walter Vandoren, 43 of Bristol Township is behind bars , being held on $1,000,000.00 bail. Police said that he was caught stabbing his ex wife, in the yard of their home on Buckley Street, August 3, 2020. About 6:00 AM, police responded to a report of a burglary at a house

Who Stole a Red Rhino From Bristol Borough Business?

by Alex Lloyd Gross Police in Bristol Borough want to know who stole the large inflatable Red Rhinoceros that was  pilfered from the Red Rhino car wash on Route 13. Since it was inflatable, it did not walk away.   Owners came to the building last Wednesday and it was gone.   This item is valued

Parts Of Region Hit Hard By Storm

by Alex Lloyd Gross Trees came down on the 800 block of Christy Ave. in Croydon. The trees crashed through fences and brought power lines down with them. About a mile down State Rd in Bensalem, the 2600 block of State Road was starting to flood. As of 11:30 AM it was passable if you

Bristol Boro Gunman Under Arrest In NJ

by  Alex Lloyd Gross Hassan Bass  the alleged shooter  in a Bristol Borough incident was arrested in Bordentown New Jersey  just before 12:50 AM today, July 31, 2020.  you can read the original story here.     Bass is in the Burlington County Jail pending extradition to  Bucks County.  During an altercation in March, Bass

Area Food Banks Are Vital Lifeline During Pandemic

by Alex Lloyd Gross When area governors  closed their states to all but essential workers,   Americans across the country cot screwed.  With stores closed,  jobs were lost. Some of those jobs are not coming back for a while. For example, in  this area,  there are some banks that have not reopened.  The restaurant industry  and

Male Trashes COVID Area At Hospital After Testing Positive

UPDATE 5:30pm July 17 2020 Several people have contacted this news site with information that  Ulysse was in the hospi9tal on a 302 hold  and caught COVID-19 while inside the hospital. Family members are said to be working through the court system to get him out of the jail system and get him the help

Vocal Minority Want to Ban Fireworks

by Alex Lloyd Gross Jason  is a lawyer. He is at home working on a brief that he knows is a waste of time. He knows he will lose this case but he has to turn in a response tomorrow and is working from home.  He is disrupted by fireworks. He cannot concentrate.  Some pets

Large Military Fly Over Seen By Many In Delaware Valley

by Alex Lloyd Gross The United States Military flew multiple planes down the East Coast, from Boston to Washington and many in this region got to see it.  The boat launch wharf in Bristol Borough looked like prime real estate to see this.  A small handful of  people showed up hoping to see something.   The

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