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Bristol Borough

Ribbon Is Cut For Bristol Mural, The Bar is Raised

by Alex Lloyd Gross Bill Pezza is always trying to better the community of Bristol Borough. Today, April 27, 2021  He did just that. A ribbon was cut and a small street party was had in front of, and in the parking lot of the William Penn Bank.  This was the culmination of a giant

Bristol Borough Crash Sends Two To Hospital

by Alex Lloyd Gross Two people sustained an injury after a grinding three vehicle wreck  at Route 13 and Commerce Circle,  n Bristol Borough.  The wreck happened just before 2:00 PM on Monday, April 5 2021.  According to witnesses, a vehicle traveling north turned left and was struck by a southbound vehicle. The south bound

New Mural Coming To Historic Bristol Borough Soon

  Bristol Borough will celebrate an iconic symbol of its popular culture with a new mural. The artwork, sponsored by William Penn Bank, will feature The Bristol Stomp, popularized by the hit record of the same name sung by the Dovells in the 1960s. The record went gold with over one million copies sold and

More Catalytic Converter Thefts In Bristol Borough

by Alex Lloyd Gross There is big money to be made by selling catalytic converters.  That is why authorities point to a significant  uptick in thefts of these car parts. From church vans in Camden NJ, to multiple thefts across the region,  Bristol Borough, in Bucks County Pa seems to be getting hit the hardest. 

Wanted In Connection With Catalytic Converter Thefts

by Alex Lloyd Gross It seems there has been an uptick in the thefts in this region of catalytic converters from parked vehicles. In Camden NJ, thieves tied a rope to a van in an effort to steal it and get the converter from it.   Several church vans have been hit for catalytic converters in

Catalytic Converters Stolen and Other Crime Reported In Bristol Boro

January 11 10:23 a.m., theft, Bristol Auto Repairs, 905 Bristol Pike, three catalytic converters stolen from vehicles. 12:53 p.m., theft, McDonough Auto, 821 Bristol Pike, a catalytic converter stolen from vehicle. January 12 10:00 a.m., Bristol Borough School District, 420 Buckley St., actor stole the catalytic converter from a school van. 8:22 p.m., Golden Eagle

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