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Bristol Borough

Wanted In Connection With Catalytic Converter Thefts

by Alex Lloyd Gross It seems there has been an uptick in the thefts in this region of catalytic converters from parked vehicles. In Camden NJ, thieves tied a rope to a van in an effort to steal it and get the converter from it.   Several church vans have been hit for catalytic converters in

Catalytic Converters Stolen and Other Crime Reported In Bristol Boro

January 11 10:23 a.m., theft, Bristol Auto Repairs, 905 Bristol Pike, three catalytic converters stolen from vehicles. 12:53 p.m., theft, McDonough Auto, 821 Bristol Pike, a catalytic converter stolen from vehicle. January 12 10:00 a.m., Bristol Borough School District, 420 Buckley St., actor stole the catalytic converter from a school van. 8:22 p.m., Golden Eagle

Fake Lottery Ticket Cashed in In Bristol Boro

by Alex Lloyd Gross Bristol Borough Police said the employees of the Bath Street Market were scammed out of $448.00 when someone presented a “winning” lottery ticket and the store paid it.  Upon reconciliation with their books, it turns out that the ticket was a fake.  Police thought they had a photo of the culprits

Area Officials React To DC Insurrection

by Alex Lloyd Gross The nation was horrified watching the events unfold January 6 2021.  Our Nations Capitol was taken over for several hours in the middle of a joint session of congress.  Police were outnumbered and several people were killed or injured.  Lawmakers were evacuated. A mob wanted to confront congress over President Trump

Car Stolen In Bristol, Crashed In Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross The time it takes for you to run into a store and get back to your car can be short. The time a thief needs to jump in your vehicle and drove away is even shorter.  A Bristol resident found that out late last night, January 2, 2021.   About 8:30 PM

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