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Everyone’s Entitled To My Opinion- On The Covid Virus

by Paul Big Bear Dear Friends,        How has this pandemic affected you? How has your life changed? I am guessing that finances have had to be adjusted, physically are you less active as gyms have been closed, are you eating differently as food shopping became a process of waiting in line wearing a mask

Local Congressman Wants To Defund Cities That Defund the Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross Rabble rousers and loudmouth community activists have for the past few years tried to bully local politicians  into defunding their local police.  It starts with a mistake that an officer made maybe in their town or thousands of miles away.  They see the entire police department as inept and at times

Bensalem Copsicle Shows Kids How Cool Cops Can Be

by Alex Lloyd Gross Free Ice Cream. How cool is that?  In Bensalem, Bucks County Pa., an idea has taken shape to put police officers in a positive light. It'[s called the “Copsicle”. It is an old mini school bus re made into an ice cream truck. It will sho0w up to community events and

Ribbon Is Cut For Bristol Mural, The Bar is Raised

by Alex Lloyd Gross Bill Pezza is always trying to better the community of Bristol Borough. Today, April 27, 2021  He did just that. A ribbon was cut and a small street party was had in front of, and in the parking lot of the William Penn Bank.  This was the culmination of a giant

A Few Plots Remain For Bensalem Community Gardens.

by Alex Lloyd Gross Bensalem Community Gardens is just that. It is a plot of land for people to grow what ever they  want. They are used by people that live in apartments or condos or anyone that  does not have a lot of space to grow plants/flowers or vegetables. . These gardens are located

Amid Concerns, Region Halts Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine

by Alex Lloyd Gross There have been concerns about blood clotting  after  some people received the Johnson and Johnson  COVID Vaccine.  To be cautious, as word grew about this,  many different vaccination site have shut down or curtailed the use. In Bucks County, the Warwick Vaccination site was closed. In a statement issued by the

Philly DA Candidate Carlos Vega Meets Voters In Parkwood

by Alex Lloyd Gross Candidate for Philadelphia District Attorney  Carlos Vega  pulled into the parking lot of the Parkwood Recreation  Center to meet his supporters.  This happened Saturday night, April 3, 2021.  A handful of about 50 people showed up to hear him speak and to take photos with him.  Carlos was at ease.  This

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