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Lincoln High School Gunman Identified

by Alex Lloyd Gross The fight was over something stupid.  A comment made over social media.  Aaron K. Scott ,21  was upset about something that was written about him over social media, so he confronted that person  outside Lincoln High School, across the street, and that is where he allegedly pulled a pistol and began

Fatal Shooting Outside Lincoln High School

by Alex Lloyd Gross Oct 18 2021 A fight over something stupid has cost a 65 year old man his life, after a fight outside jeans Pizza Shop  across from Lincoln High School turned deadly.  Reports are sketchy, but based on preliminary information, a fistfight started about 2:45 PM. Within minutes,  a 21 year old

Unknown Arsonist Wanted By Cops In Kensington: VIDEO

by Alex Lloyd Gross October 15,2021 Philadelphia Police are looking to arrest a male who was caught on video lighting a pile of debris on fire. This happened about 2:30 AM on October 13, 2021.  This was not a case where some juvenile delinquents  found trash in a vacant lot and lit it on fire.. 

Police Keeping The Pressure On Wadsworth Robber: VIDEO

by Alex Lloyd Gross October 11,2021 Another stupid criminal gets made famous by the press. This one is from a robbery, point of gun which took place on September 11, 2021. A Black male, 30-35 years-of-age, 5’8″-5’10″, beard, wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, black hat with red brim and wording on the front, glasses,

Mayor Kenney Vows To Disobey Court Order On Columbus Statue

by Alex Lloyd Gross   OPINION                                       OPNION                                                    OPINION                                                               OPINION June 2020 thousands of people from out of town came to Philadelphia to protest for black lives matter and George Floyd. By the middle of the month, a rambunctious group of mostly out of towners converged in South Philadelphia. The wanted the statue of Christopher Columbus

Driver Kills Bicyclist On Roosevelt Blvd and Drives Away

by Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Police are looking for the driver of a white and blue Ford  F-150 Pick Up truck that hit a male riding a bicycle last night, October 5, 2021.  This happened about 7:36PM on the Northbound lanes of the Roosevelt Boulevard at Adams Avenue.  There is no doubt the driver knew

Illegal Dirt Bike and ATV Use is Still Prevalent In Area

by Alex Lloyd Gross The activity of racing or  operating ATV’s or dirt bikes  on public streets is prevalent.  The practice is usually done by males in their early 20’s to early 30’s.  After that, it seems these riders develop commons sense. You can see them on any weekend night from about 9:00 PM until

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