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AS Bernie Sanders Quits, Joe Biden Courts His Supporters

by Alex Lloyd Gross Bernie Sanders suspended his bid to be president. That announcement was made just before noon on April 8 2020. This leaves Joe Biden and Donald Trump to battle it out in  November.  Bernie ran on the premise that there is a problem with politics.  Everyone is getting rich and people do

Bensalem Special Election Will Happen, Injunction Failed

by Alex Lloyd Gross Bucks County Judge Jeffery Trauger stated he had “No authority” to stop  the special election scheduled to be held tomorrow March 17, 2020 in Bensalem .  The county went to court to get it shut down and postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Republican House speaker Mike Turzai refused to cancel

Delaware Valley Congressman Endorses Joe Biden

by Alex Lloyd Gross The race for President Of the United States is a heated one. While the Pennsylvania Primary is over a month away,  the New Jersey primary is even farther away. Joe Biden got some good news yesterday, March  4 2020. The first is billionaire candidate Mike Bloomberg bowed out.  His millions spent

KC Tomlinson Wants To Be Your State Representative

by Alex Lloyd Gross There is a special election in Bensalem March 17 2020 and on that date,  registered voters in the township will elect a new state rep. Kathleen Christine Tomlinson hopes it will be her that gets sent to Harrisburg.  She wants the job and held a small get together for her supporters

Bucks County Brings Voting Machines Out For A Demo Tour

  Voting Machines are making the rounds before the election. Since it is a presidential election turnout is expected to be huge.  Check the flyer to see then these machines will be brought out for a demonstration.  

Bloomberg Campaign Opens Four Local Field Offices Saturday

by Alex Lloyd Gross If you support Mike Bloomberg for president, and you live outside Philadelphia, then you will be happy to know that tomorrow February 22, 2020, four field offices will be opened in the region.  While Bloomberg will not be there in person, members of his staff will.like Senior Advisor Tim O’Brien .Bucks

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