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City Managing Director Brian Abernathy To Resign

PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Jim Kenney today announced that Philadelphia Managing Director Brian Abernathy will leave City government effective Friday, September 4, 2020. Abernathy has served as Managing Director since January 2019, and previously served as First Deputy Managing Director beginning in January 2016. “I thank Brian for his service to the City of Philadelphia,” said

Black Lives Matter Group Hold Vocal Rally In Morrisville

by Alex Lloyd Gross The message was against hate and bigotry.  It has no place anywhere.   Today, July 11 2020, about 300 people came to   rally at Williamson Park in Morrisville to  show support for Black Lives Matter. This was a peaceful demonstration and there were no fights , looting or  violence of any kind. 

Vice President Pence Backs the Blue At FOP Headquarters

by Alex Lloyd Gross Vice President Mike Pence spoke today, July 9 2020 about police work.  He was at the Fraternal Order of Police Headquarters on Caroline Road  in Philadelphia.  It was there that FOP  President John McNesby is trying to hold the line on lawlessness in the city.  With council cutting the police budget,

Mayor Kenney Just Gave A Free Pass To All Protesters

by Alex Lloyd Gross It’s 9:30 PM June 1 and some people are on the streets, looking to cause trouble. Maybe they already caused it and the cops did not get there to see them.  They got arrested for violating the curfew which was put in place to stem the rioting and looting.  In fact,

State Rep’s Office Vandalized In Bucks County

by Alex Lloyd Gross “Profane and threatening”  messages were written on the wall of PA State Rep Wendy Ullman in Plumstead Twp. Pa. This is near Doylestown, as a reference point for people that might not be familiar with the area.  The building that houses her district office sits on Route 611 and the graffiti

Vocal Minority Want to Ban Fireworks

by Alex Lloyd Gross Jason  is a lawyer. He is at home working on a brief that he knows is a waste of time. He knows he will lose this case but he has to turn in a response tomorrow and is working from home.  He is disrupted by fireworks. He cannot concentrate.  Some pets

Police Demoted, Fired and Possibly Arrested From 676 Video

by Alex Lloyd Gross Deputy Police Commissioner  Dennis Wilson took a “voluntary” demotion to the rank of Chief Inspector  after the New York Times published a video of the police response to the 676 protest on June 1, 2020.   That after his boss, Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said “In the weeks that have followed, I have

Watch Unmasked Arsonist Set Store On Fire During Riots

by Alex Lloyd Gross On the night of May 30, 2020, many people were arrested for looting and rioting in Philadelphia. Police want to add this male to that list. Maybe you can help.  It is one thing to break into a store and steal merchandise.  This male did that but also set the store

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