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April 22, 2018


Larry Krasner sworn in as District Attorney

By Alex Lloyd Gross Larry Krasner, the most controversial candidate in  the race for District Attorney was sworn in today, January 2, 2018 in Philadelphia, at the Kimmel Center.  Krasner, who aligned himself with Black Lives Matter  drew the ire of working class electorate and defeated Beth Grossman  for the job.  Krasner has some radical,

Paid lobbyist trying to fight against minimum wage hike

By Alex Lloyd Gross The Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour.  It has been frozen at this rate for almost 10 years. When grass roots efforts started to ask for a $15.00 minimum wage, people scoffed at them. “$15.00 to flip burgers and get the order wrong”? That seemed to be a popular sentiment.

All fireworks now legal in PA

By Alex Lloyd Gross Effective immediately, all consumer grade fireworks are legal to be purchased and used in Pennsylvania.  Just in time for New Years Eve 2017. This was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf. It also ends the decade old insanity of not allowing Pennsylvania residents to purchase fireworks inside stores that are

City to pay two photographers $250,000 in civil rights case

By Alex Lloyd Gross When Charles Ramsey was Philadelphia Police Commissioner, he instituted a policy that officers were not to bother, obstruct, obfuscate , harass or stop photography of police officers.  In addition to that, the action of photographing police scenes  was protected by the United States Constitution.  With all of that in place, two

Phila lawmaker wants to outlaw bulletproof glass in stores

By Alex Lloyd Gross Democratic Councilwoman Cindy Bass, represents the 8th Council District in Philadelphia. Bass,  reports to work everyday in a heavily secured building and gets armed police with walk=through metal detectors manning each entry to the floor when bills are debated . She has introduced that bill called the “Stop and Go” bill.

Al Franken and Sylvester Stallone accused of indecent conduct

By Alex Lloyd Gross It seems that everyday, a new politician or  actor is being accused of being inappropriate with women. Today, November 17, 2017,  Senator Al Franken is accused of french kissing Leeann Tweedon and groping her during a USO tour in December of 2006. The tour was to help lift spirits of servicemen

The one issue that made Phil Murphy Governor of New Jersey

By  Alex Lloyd Gross Governor Chris Christie’s arrogance is surpassed by his indolence.  He has taken to calling people “idiots” when they disagree with him. He  thinks that he is entitled to be above everyday people, as is evidenced by his closure of the New Jersey Beaches. He was then photographed sitting in the sun,

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