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PA House Republicans Balance 2019 Budget On Backs of Poor

By Alex Lloyd Gross House Republicans are proud of themselves.  They passed their budget of $34.9 Billion  and did in on the backs of  the states most vulnerable population. The working poor and the unemployed.   The budget passed with the elimination of the General Assistance Program.  This money, given to people that need it the

First Responders Work to Reopen Flooded Road in Bristol Twp

Digital Reporter – Jeff Bohen As the rain came down in buckets last night with flood alerts in place, Bristol Township officials closed State Road down in Croydon around 7 30 p.m, due to flooding. Township Fire Marshal;/Emergency Management Director  Kevin Dippolito. said “Flooding occurred along State Rd and was going in to a sewer

Speed Cameras Are Coming to Philly Faster Than You Think

By Alex Lloyd Gross Mayor James Kenney signed legislation enacting speed cameras to be installed on portions of the Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia.  The cameras should be operational by fall and collecting money after a 60 day grace period.  This means that instead of tickets, a motorist will get a warning. They do not have

‘Ugly Image’ Sparks Croydon Clean Up Effort

  Digital Reporter- Jeff Bohen “Croydonites” are a proud bunch. The middle class neighborhood in Bristol Township, is not exactly fond of media coverage in general. And when it comes to coverage shining a negative light on the area, the response, by “old Croydon” and “new Croydon” is quick, intense, and can light up the

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