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April 22, 2018


Fatal motorcycle accident in Feasterville

By Alex Lloyd Gross Police in Lower Southampton were called to a fatal  accident involving a motorcycle April  19 2018 on the 500 block of Bustleton Pike.  According to Police Chief John Krimmel, the crash involved two vehicles, a delivery van and a motorcycle. Identities of both men were not available. Preliminary investigation has the

Police release radio transmissions for Starbucks incident

By Alex Lloyd Gross Starbucks has disgraced itself with the reprehensible actions by a manager who had to black males arrested for doing nothing. That’s old news.  Today, April 17, 2018  Philadelphia Police made available the telephone call and radio transmissions  relating to the incident.  you can listen to them here. The arrest has brought

Starbucks employee has two Black Males arrested for doing nothing

By Alex Lloyd Gross You heard of Driving While Black and Walking While Black but now, in Philadelphia, Starbucks has brought out a new “crime”. It’s called “Waiting While Black”. This incident has the company scrambling to find out what went wrong and Philadelphia Police and Starbucks are bracing for a lawsuit that will almost

City scrambles to garner support for soda tax

By Alex Lloyd Gross It’s been almost a year and half since the “Sweetened Beverage Tax” was launched and the city is still making attempts to laud it’s effectiveness. In some areas, such as center city, the tax is paid and sales have not dropped off . That’s due to the amount of tourists that

Truck flips off exit ramp onto Interstate 95.

By Alex Lloyd Gross Bensalem Pa. April 10, 2018 Two injuries were reported today, when a tractor trailer  traveling south on I-95 exited the road onto the ramp for the Park and Ride.  The truck then mounted the retaining wall and flipped over, dropping about 30 feet, onto the Interstate below, hitting a passenger car.

Multiple people hurt in Southampton crash

By Alex Lloyd Gross Multiple people, including a juvenile passenger in the one of the vehicles sustain serious injuries from  a near head on crash on the 300 block of W. Street Road in Upper Southampton Pa. The crash happened just before 9:30 PM April 7, 2018. Police are looking to chat with any witnesses

“Rocky” visits his statue in Philly.

By Alex Lloyd Gross Sylvester Stallone was in Philadelphia today, April 6 2018 and he paid a visit to his likeness,  by way of the Rocky statue. This was supposed to be kept quiet and was not listed on the official schedule of the mayor.  Stallone was going to  show up, talk with Mayor Kenney

Wildcats Parade Through Philly

By Alex Lloyd Gross The Villanova Wildcats rode down Market Street like champions today, April 5 2018. They are champions and they earned this parade.  About 60,000 people lined the parade route which went from 20th and Market Streets to city hall.  There were about 35 vehicles in the parade, ranging from fire trucks to

City to host Villanova Wildcats Parade..Again

By Alex Lloyd Gross The Villanova Wildcats won the NCAA championship.  It’s a big deal for sports fans and especially for those that follow college basketball.  The city is going to throw a parade and it’s going to happen at 11:00 AM April 5, 2018. It will be much smaller than the Eagles Parade but

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