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August 20, 2018


Police officer shot serving warrant in Philly

By Alex Lloyd Gross A Philadelphia Police Officer was shot once in the face after he tried to serve a warrant on a wanted person on the 4800 block of Knox Street Today August  6, 2018.  Police had very little information in what is going to be an incident with more questions than answers.  What

NFL chickens out of National Anthem policy

By Alex Lloyd Gross Roger Goodell was  always called a weak leader by fans and the wrong person for the NFL Commissioners job.  He was weak with discipline for players that abused females, committed felonies and allowed the league to tumble into the abyss when players refused to stand for the National Anthem.  He tolerated

Phila soda tax upheld by Supreme Court

By Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney is a happy boy. Today July 18, 2018, the State Supreme Court upheld the beverage tax. That’s the money which was supposed to go to help fund Pre-K. Only most of it did not. Most of it was washed into the general fund, where it could be

Hard Rock Casino opens on the boardwalk in Atlantic City

By Alex Lloyd Gross With the economy in the toilet, casino’s were closing at a record pace. A $2, Billion  structure, called the Revel closed within a few years after opening, it’s owners unable to stop the hemorrhaging of money. Donald Trump, once a respected name in the gaming industry closed his entire stake in

Photos from Stephen Stills concert in Atlantic City

Photographer Roger Barone  was at the Stephen Stills concert this past weekend in Atlantic City, at the Tropicana.  Here are some of his photos.         The concert was held at the Tropicana  June 23, 2018. The show was not completely sold out. There were a few tickets available.        

Local Ham Radio operators take to field for emergency drill

By Alex Lloyd Gross Members of the Penn Wireless Association set up shop at the upper Plantation Field at Tyler State Park in Newtown Pa.  They had cut circles into high grass and set up antennas. Some members brought tents or specially outfitted communications vehicles . They were there to try to contact people with

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