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June 25, 2017


Bucks County judge dispenses justice for Cash

By Alex Lloyd Gross Cash was a beautiful, docile dog, a family pet owned by a Levittown family.  One day in April, 2016. Montel Johnson thought it would be a great idea to steal items from a pick up truck parked outside a Bristol Township Street.  That decision changed Johnson’s life forever.  as the trucks

Bensalem K Mart is out of business

By Alex Lloyd Gross The K Mart in Bensalem is closed.  The last day of the liquidation was May 14, 2017,   The store, was picked dry, a mere shadow of what is was just one year ago.  This store closing came as a shock to  most people, as the store was generally busy. It was

Downingtown school administrator suspended after video rant

By Alex Lloyd Gross Zach Ruff, 40, Assistant Vice Principal to the Dowingtown STEM Academy has been suspended indefinable , after being caught on video cursing at, and trying to intimidate two teenagers who were protesting abortion, on a public street, outside his school.  “YOU DON’T TALK TO MY STUDENTS” Ruff screamed at the pair,

How to hack the 2017 NFL Draft

By Alex Lloyd Gross Today, Saturday April 29,2017 is the last day of the 2017 NFL Draft.  The NFL had a great time so far and they will be back again soon, possibly as early as next year.  If you are heading down today, here are some things you need to know to get the

Thousands catch draft on Ben Franklin Parkway

By Alex Lloyd Gross At least 200,0000 people are expected to converge on the Ben Franklin Parkway between Thursday April 27 2017 and Saturday.  It,s the  NFL Draft.  It,s finally here.  Forthe people that do not know  what it is, this is ( in short), when the best college football players in the country get

NFL gets ready for Philly

By Alex Lloyd Gross Football fans are a rabid bunch and nowhere are fans more dedicated than in Philly. So with the Philadelphia Eagles  hosting the NFL Draft, it’s going to be a party. Even though the actual draft does not  start until 7:00 PM, the NFL Draft Experience starts at noon.  Less than 24

Philly cop arrested for fatal pedestrian crash

By Alex Lloyd Gross UPDATED Philadelphia Police announced today, April 26,2017,they have arrested one of their own, after an investigation showed he is alleged to have driven reckless on the 1600 block of Cottman Avenue on January 31, 2017.  As he was traveling east on Cottman Ave,  police said that Emmanuel Folly struck and killed

Philly Police raid pot party

By Alex Lloyd Gross A huge warehouse in the Frankford section of the city, located on the 4500 block of Worth Street was turned into a marijuana smoking party,  which was organized via social media.  This group, which charges $50.00 admission and has been holding these parties for several years.  The one held April 22,

Montco dad jailed for abusing family with dog collar

By Alex Lloyd Gross Joseph Myhre from Lower Providence Twp. PA. had his own brand of discipline for his two children and his wife. He would shock them with an electric dog collar , sometimes multiple times, or put needles under their fingernails until they were bleeding.  This was done when family members were asked

Black Lives Matter ban whites from meetings

By Alex Lloyd Gross Imagine having a private group or organization and having a policy to exclude black people, Chinese,  people of Spanish origin are not welcome , either.  That could happen in 1962. It could never happen here, in 2017, right?   Well the Philadelphia chapter of Black Lives Matter has banned everyone except black

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