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August 17, 2017


NJ Governor caught lying by the press over beach visit

By Alex Lloyd Gross Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey   was caught lying to the media and to the citizens of New Jersey, yesterday, July 2 2017. There is a budget impasse in the garden state and that means all non essential services are closed.  Closed to the general public.  Island beach State Park is

Suspect arrested in road rage killing

By Alex Lloyd Gross No one can  fully comprehend what went through David Desper’s mind  when he got into a cat and mouse game with Bianca Roberson last week and he shot her from his moving pick up truck.  Perhaps, with the wall to wall coverage about this incident on the news, Desper , 28,

Clues mount up in road rage murder in Chester

By Alex Lloyd Gross UPDATED SUNDAY JULY 2 2017  Police have recovered a pick up truck they believe is the one pictured.  They are questioning the owner. No charges as of yet. Police in Chester  County are working around the clock to find the male responsible for the murder of Bianca Nicol Roberson which stemmed

Bristol boat docks and pier open

By Alex Lloyd Gross After a bunch of speeches, the ribbon was cut on the boat docks and fishing pier for Bristol Borough. The $3 million project was paid for with grants and politicians wrangling money for the project . Last night,June 29, 2017, the waiting was over and the ribbon was cut.  The pier

Seth Williams pleads guilty: District Attorney jailed

By Alex Lloyd Gross When Seth Williams was indicted, he assured everyone that he was innocent and the charges against him were wrong. In the middle of his trial, Williams accepted a plea deal that would require him to plead guilty to one count of The Travel Act. While Williams thought that he would be

Bensalem coach arrested for sex assaults

By Alex Lloyd Gross There is nothing worse than a grown man that preys on small children for sexual gratification, except when the man is entrusted with the child’s welfare. Like a coach.  Bensalem Police think they have scratched a bit off the surface with the arrest of Shannon (Sean) Westmoreland a former Bensalem Ramblers

Peter Frampton and Steve Miller together in Philly

By Alex Lloyd Gross Last evening at the Mann Music Center, one of the most anticipated classic rock concerts of the year took place. Peter Frampton and the Steve Miller Band together on one stage. This was all set to be an awesome night and it was. It was held at an outdoor venue . Perfect

Radio operators work Field Day

By Alex Lloyd Gross Ham Radio enthusiasts across North America look forward to the last full weekend in June every year. It’s a ritual called Field Day. Instead of playing with balls and running track,  these people play with radios.  According to the American Radio Relay League, the objective is to set up radios using

Little girl taken by tow truck driver in error

By Alex Lloyd Gross Repo drivers have a tough job. Some get shot at, or assaulted.  They are dealing with people that will try anything to get their car back including running any kind of scam so that they can take the car when it is lowered. When repo driver Carmine Giannone spotted a 2006

Quick storm does major damage to region

By Alex Lloyd Gross A fast moving thunderstorm came through the region, yesterday June 21, 2017 and left a lot of damage in it’s wake. Trees were felled by wind gusts of upwards of 70MPH.  Some of these  in the northeast, like  along the 8900 block of Roosevelt Blvd and Welsh and Manchester Rds. caused

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