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August 20, 2018


Pennsylvania lawmakers work to raise state minimum wage

By Alex Lloyd Gross This is a growing gap in the earning capacity of low wage workers ( those making $9.00 and below).  State lawmakers in Pa. are working to change that gap amid growing public pressure. That is to raise the state minimum wage. Currently, it’s  $7.25 per hour.  The Federal Minimum Wage is

Gay Pride marcher arrested for setting flag on fire

By Alex Lloyd Gross An 18 year old New Jersey female was arrested for trying to set an American Flag on fire Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 12th and Locust Streets in Philadelphia. At that time, there was a demonstration and a march.  For whatever reason, the pink haired female tried to set an American

Philly updates it’s police response to trespassers

By Alex Lloyd Gross It’s in direct correlation to the two Black Men who were arrested for doing nothing at Starbucks in center city two months ago.  The Philadelphia Police dodged a legal bullet when the two men decided not to sue.  That case would have cost the city a ton of cash.  Figure since

Body cam released in Wildwood Beach arrest

By Alex Lloyd Gross The body cam was just released  in the Emily Weinman incident on the beach at Wildwood New Jersey.  The incident garnered national news.  Two officers are under investigation and have been removed from street duty pending Internal Affairs review.  The video starts at the time the cops ask her to take

Wildwood cops under scrutiny for viral video

By Alex Lloyd Gross Wildwood New Jersey  Police are scrambling to save face after a ton of social media backlash that started with a video that was recorded this weekend, showing a team of cops trying to take a 20 year old girl into custody. One of the officers is seen making head strikes with

Bensalem Police bring you into teenagers bedroom

By Alex Lloyd Gross In every case where a teenager kills them self, or becomes an active shooter or even runs away or gets arrested,  people ask where were the signs? There was no evidence  that this teen was at risk and now they are on in trouble. Today, May 22, 2018,  Bensalem cops opened

Wizard World to return to Philly in 2019

By Alex Lloyd Gross You are going to have to wait over a year for the next Wizard World to happen in Philly.  Look for a return for four days in mid June.  This year, the con was bringing in people from all over the east coast, to meet different actors.  For those that do

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