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April 22, 2018


Croydon assault is now a homicide

By Alex Lloyd Gross A 14 year old girls who was shot and stabbed inside her Croydon home  Friday evening, March 29, 2018 has died.  police said that she passed away just after 10:00 AM today, April 2, 2018. Her 20 year old cousin is a person of interest.  He was found on State Road

Stormy Daniels to come through region in November

By Alex Lloyd Gross Stormy Daniels, a porn star, who claims to have sexual relations one time with Donald Trump is on a tour and it’s coming through the area November 8 through 10. She will be at Club Risque and will be dancing in Bristol, Northeast Philadelphia and Pennsport.  During those shows, she will

PA Attorney General fines tow company for illegally towing cars

By Alex Lloyd Gross Josh Shapiro,  Pennsylvania Attorney General announced that George Smith Towing in Philadelphia admitted to illegally towing cars and operating the business not consistent with Philadelphia tow regulations and State Law.  28 people filed complaints against the business and they are getting full refunds in the amount of at least $205.00 each,

One week early, Saint Paddy’s Day Parade goes through Philly

By Alex Lloyd Gross Saint Patrick’s Day is not until March 17.  That small fact did not stop the annual parade from marching down the streets of Philadelphia on Sunday, March 11, 2018.  It’s very convenient that the Eagles official colors are green.  Thousands showed up to see the parade and to bar crawl around

Flower Show ends run in Philly

By Alex Lloyd Gross The Flower Show has finished it’s run in Philadelphia,  and that means spring will be around the corner. we  hope.  Don’t worry, the show will return in 2019, but for now, it has finished.  Record crowds walked through the doors.  The problem of bad weather only affected one day. Once inside,

A tree fell on your car or house. Now what?

By Alex Lloyd Gross With the recent wind and rain in this region, many trees and branches have come crashing down. Some fall aimlessly  to the ground. Others fall on people houses or vehicles.  Rain makes the ground soft. Winds make it easy for even a huge tree to become uprooted. When your property is

Bristol cops forced to shoot attacker

By Alex Lloyd Gross A man wanted for a stabbing in the Bronx section of New York was shot and killed by police in Bristol Twp Friday, March 2 2018. The incident happened just after 1:00 Pm when police responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle that was on Edgley Avenue  near Runway Road.

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