Breaking: Bank Robbery in Falls Twp, leads to Chase into Trenton, ends in Police Involved Crash.

Screen Shot of Patterson’s Breaking News Facebook page.

Digital Reporter- Jeff Bohen

Social Media posts by two separate police departments say a bank robbery occurred a short while ago close to Morrisville section of Falls Township.

Police say the robbery happened at the PNC Bank on the  300 Block of Trenton Ave.

A male suspect allegedly fled in a Black Chrysler, according to the multiple social media reports.

Across the in New Jersey, Patterson’s Breaking News of Trenton reported the suspect was chased and crashed when colliding with a police cruiser on Hampton and Greenwood Aves

The suspect was apprehended and taken into custody by authorities.

The front end of a police SUV was destroyed. No word on whether the officer involved in the accident was injured.

Updates as they come in.