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Delaware Valley Congressman Endorses Joe Biden

by Alex Lloyd Gross The race for President Of the United States is a heated one. While the Pennsylvania Primary is over a month away,  the New Jersey primary is even farther away. Joe Biden got some good news yesterday, March  4 2020. The first is billionaire candidate Mike Bloomberg bowed out.  His millions spent

KC Tomlinson Wants To Be Your State Representative

by Alex Lloyd Gross There is a special election in Bensalem March 17 2020 and on that date,  registered voters in the township will elect a new state rep. Kathleen Christine Tomlinson hopes it will be her that gets sent to Harrisburg.  She wants the job and held a small get together for her supporters

Bucks County Brings Voting Machines Out For A Demo Tour

  Voting Machines are making the rounds before the election. Since it is a presidential election turnout is expected to be huge.  Check the flyer to see then these machines will be brought out for a demonstration.  

Bloomberg Campaign Opens Four Local Field Offices Saturday

by Alex Lloyd Gross If you support Mike Bloomberg for president, and you live outside Philadelphia, then you will be happy to know that tomorrow February 22, 2020, four field offices will be opened in the region.  While Bloomberg will not be there in person, members of his staff will.like Senior Advisor Tim O’Brien .Bucks

Trump Store Now Open In Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross, A store dedicated to and devoted entirely to the 45th President Of the United States in Open in Bensalem Pa. That is in Bucks County, just north of Philadelphia, for thos that are reading this from outside of the area.  The store is a brick and mortar business with an honline

Levittown Area Candidates Hold Petition Drives

By Alex Lloyd Gross Getting to hold public office is a tough task.  Part of the journey is getting enough registered voters in your party  that live in your district to sign nominating petitions.  For the office of State Representative 300 valid signatures is required. Getting them is harder than it looks.  You can hang

Trump Not Guilty. Senators Vote Along Party Lines

by Alex Lloyd Gross President Donald Trump gets to at least finish out his term as president of the United States. He was acquitted of all wrongdoing in both articles of impeachment. The vote was pretty much along party lines as all democrats voted to convict and all republicans voted to acquit, with Mitt Romney

Tina Davis Wants To Keep Being Your State Rep

By Alex Lloyd Gross Tina Davis is the incumbent for the 141st Legislative District in Pennsylvania and she is running again.  “There is so much work left to be done, people in my district are hurting, wages have not gone up but prices have,” she said in an interview. “I hope we( democrats) can take

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