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August 20, 2018

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Graham Bonnet, still going strong

By Alex Lloyd Gross Graham Bonnet, the heavy metal singer that rose to fame fronting bands like Rainbow and Alcatraz  along with fronting Michael Schenker is back with a new record.  For those that thought the was finished, were dead wrong. His new record    Back To the Garage  delivers more goods than Amazon.   Fresh off

Zerns is closing, better get there NOW

By Alex Lloyd Gross Zerns is a farmers market. In it’s heyday, it was a hopping place  to go. Located in Gilbertsville Pa,  it was a short trip by bus for kids attending summer camps nearby. Located on Route 73 near Route 100, it’s still in operation. Still open. But those days are numbered. The

Mad bomber arrested in Bucks County

By Alex Lloyd Gross State Police have arrested David Surman, from Milford Twp. and charged him with having explosive devices. He has not been charged with setting any of them off.  Recently, there have been multiple reports of  home made bombs being discovered in the upper Bucks County area.  police feel confident that Surman was

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