Civil War reenactment takes place this weekend in Bensalem

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Dale Harrison shows off some Confederate Flags he is selling at the reenactment.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Get ready for the North Camp and South Camp  at the Neshaminy State Park  in Bensalem Pennsylvania.   It’s the annual reenactment of a battle of the Civil War.  A good portion of the fighting goes on in the wooded area, and the battle scene culminates on the lower end of  the park, which is free and open to the public. The reenactments will use replica  weapons ( blanks will be fired, of course), which includes cannons.  There are horses and also battle flags.

Which leads to the thought, can people still obtain Confederate Flags, after all of the politically correct nonsense?    The answer is yes.  According to Dale Harrison, one of the vendors, ( or sutlers as they are called) “I can get them, I always could, there was a run on them, last year when everyone wanted them, that kind of simmered down”, Harrison said.  Contrary to popular belief, and internet memes, the confederate Flag has nothing to do with slavery.   “The civil war had to do with cotton and farming of those sorts, as the south and north battled over price of that  product.  The slave trade was a very small part of the Civil War”, Harrison said. When it was brought up that certain companies were not making the flags anymore, Harrison,s response was , So, you know who makes these?” He asks while pointing to a stack of flags. “The Chinese, they don’t give a rats ass about political correctness, they just want money”.

Different vendors may sell different things. You can get replica leather goods, cutlery and clothing. People that go to these rallies  generally are not offended by the Confederate Flag. You would expect to see it displayed here.  The event , held at Neshaminy State Park is full of history buffs that can set you right or answer questions you may have regarding the culture or history of the United States.  Harrison should know what he is talking about, as he was a history teacher for three decades.  It’s a good place to learn and ask questions.

Politically correct individuals have taken to rewriting history to suit their agenda, especially, when it pertains to the Civil War. It’s imperative for people to have all of the  facts before they are taught erroneous information and then take that as fact.  The battle will be fought during the afternoon of Saturday and Sunday.  Some of the diehard soldiers will sleep outside leaving late Sunday evening.