Cops investigate shooting at strip club

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley The Penthouse Club

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police were called to the scene of a  shooting outside of the Penthouse Club on Castor Avenue late last night, February 14, 2017.  No one was injured.  Cops said that an off duty police captain was leaving the club and going to his car, when he observed a  black male shooting a gun.  He heard about 14 to 15 shots and  saw the male on foot.  The male was in a shooters position and was aiming his pistol at some customers that were in a parking lot.

The male ran away and was not caught. The shooter  is still on the run.  Some of the bullets struck the building and one customers car was damaged in the incident.  Police said that all of the  shots were on the outside of the building  and none of the shots came inside. Cops are looking at surveillance footage to see if they can get a photo of the shooter.