Eagles players tape TV segment and donate autographed football

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Bryan Braman, Billy Brown, Sean Stellato with Eraldo TV tape the television show Healthy Lifestyle With Eraldo TV

By Alex Lloyd Gross

When you are Number 1, you are in high demand. Everyone wants a piece of your time.  That statement is never more true that in entertainment and professional sports.  When the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings , that put them on the top of the NFC East.  They play the Super Bowl February 4, 2018.  Players have to contend with logistics, practice and a heavily scripted schedule for the next two weeks.  That means very little time to do anything else.  Two players,  Bryan Braman and Billy Brown from the practice squad  found some time to spend with local TV station WMCN in Cherry Hill New Jersey.

The players were on the television show Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo TV.  Prior to the show , when Braman was asked if he was nervous about the Vikings game when they scored first, he replied, “Never nervous. we prepared for that game like no other, and we are going to do the same thing for the Super Bowl. Good things and bad things are gonna happen. They get paid just like we get paid,  those guy did not come here to just play the game, they came here to play like we did, to win”. When asked about the media hype, he replied “You cannot let the things that come along with the Super Bowl  disrupt the way your mentally prepare yourself for how you will train,” he said.

You must remember, the Super Bowl is nothing more than a football game. There is more pomp and circumstance surrounding it, and prices fort tickets and souvenirs are through the roof, due only to the marketing. At the end of the day,  this is only a football game.  For Sean Stellato , an agent with SES sports, he has players  that are clients on the Eagles (Braman and Brown) and Trayvon Sullivan  as well as the Patriots. “I’ve got eight clients playing in the Super Bowl this year, including . Ryan Allen, Marquise Wallace, Jonathan Jones and Brandon King  for New England,” he said.

At the end of the taped segment the players donated an autographed football to Linda Kuepper, from the Autism Cares Foundation.  The show airs locally. Go to their website to learn more.