Students sickened by fumes in Philly elementary school

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware valley Fire crews at the scene of Loesche Elementary School.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

At least two students were transported to Jefferson Hospital, Torresdale Division, after they felt sick today, Jan  26, 2017.  The students  were among those in the student body that complained of a gas odor inside the Loesche Elementary School. When multiple  people smelled something, fire crews were called and the school was briefly evacuated, ” officials said.  As the fire department  checked the building, nothing was in evidence. “That could be due to the fact of the school being open for evacuation,”, fire officials said.”

As more fire companies  were dispatched to the  scene,  some concerned parents showed up. They were put at ease when they saw workers on the roof, and emergency personnel standing by the building, talking. The students that were taken to the hospital went more as a precautionary measure and they are fine.  The school, located on Tomlinson Road at Bustleton Aveenue  had the children shelter in place, while fire officials  tried to find what, if anything caused the odor.