Senator to try to make marijuana legal with “racist and sexist” bill

Official Portrait, public domain

By Alex Lloyd Gross

When Democrat Senator  Chuck Schumer  from New York  sat down with Vice news to discuss his bill to decriminalize Marijuana, he is trying to garner support from both sides of the aisle. This is the right climate for pot to be decriminalized on a Federal Level.  You can purchase it for recreational use in several states and medicinal use in states is growing.  Even locally, Philadelphia District Attorney is not prosecuting for small amounts of pot.

The rub lies in the language of the bill, which will allow some Americans to receive federal funding to start up and run a marijuana based business , as long as they are not White Males.  This is the sticking point for many who feel that this is not only racist but sexist as well.  If this bill  denied funding to  say, Black Males, or  Asian Females, he would be run out of town on a rail.

It’s true that Marijuana is going to make people money. When the government taxes it, it will fund things like public schools or anything else.  The “It” could be Marijuana,  fireworks or anything previously prohibited. If this bill, sans the white exclusion passes, of course, people who drive while high  will be arrested, the same way they are arrested for being drunk behind the wheel.

By not allowing white males to get Federal Funding, it encourages them to file false paperwork, thus making them criminals and clogging up the courts with minor crimes, and ruining lives. It invites shady business to a  now legal product that was once sold in back alleys just a few years ago. The ban on white males will also burden the courts, as it is sure to be appealed on the constitutionality of it.

Critics have already called him  a racist and accuse him of “Vote Shopping” .  In his bill, there is money put aside to study the effects of impaired driving.  Should this bill pass,  it would be up to individual states to determine if they wanted to decriminalize it  or not.  People that smoke marijuana legally, are finding it difficult to obtain a firearms permit.