Gas station explosion in Bensalem claims two victims


By  Alex Lloyd Gross

Firefighters from Philadelphia were called to assist Bucks  County authorities after a fuel tank exploded at a gas station in Bensalem later Tuesday afternoon.  One man was hurt badly. The other is missing, trapped in a tank.  The explosion caused the blacktop at the Liberty station on the 1200 block of Bristol Pike to be blown into the air.  The concussion of the blast resonated blocks away.

Vapors are dangerous. Firefighters have to contend with them in order to affect the rescue of the injured man.  There is some fuel in the tank,which must be pumped out,and carried away. as workers are doing that,  construction equipment is being brought to the scene to move ground. The injured  were owners or workers of the station who were doing a pressure test.

The rescue is expected to last well into the early morning hours. Electric service has been shut off in the vicinity, to avoid a spark coming in contact with vapors. Route 13 is closed so emergency apparatus can stage and maneuver around the scene.