Governor Wolf visits area to stump for local candidates

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Governor Wolf meets supporters as Tina Davis looks on in the background.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Election Day is tomorrow.  Lots of positions across Pennsylvania are up for grabs.  Such as governor and state senate. Members of congress are fighting as well to stay on the job, while challengers are trying to win their  seats in the house.  Governor Tom Wolf spent about an hour in Middletown visiting a local campaign office for Tina Davis. Both Wolf  and Davis are running for office. Wolf wants to stay in the governor’s  office another four years and Tina Davis wants to take over the senate seat form Tommy Tomlinson.  Just after 5:00 PM the governor arrived, walked in the back door and into a room full of friendly faces.

There was no hostility. These were all supporters that worked long hours on Tina’s campaign and people from the neighborhood that were able to to come out.  Inside the strip mall on Bristol Oxford Valley Road,  the end store was packed with people. It was the Davis headquarters. Her celebration will be held in the same shopping center tomorrow night.  When asked if she thought which township would yield her strongest supporters, Davis did not want to answer. “I just want everyone to get out and vote tomorrow, “she said. She has a tough fight unseating incumbent Tommy Tomlinson.