Male Runs Into City Streets Department Truck

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Police investigate the scene .

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Just after 12:15 PM on May 17, 2019, a male was in a car, arguing with a female, when they approached the intersection of Algon Ave and Unruh Streets in Northeast Philadelphia. The male ts reported to have shouted curse words at the female and he then exited the vehicle. He ran on foot directly at a Streets Department which was stopped and not moving because of a red traffic light.

There were no other vehicles in front of the truck and the male ran right into the front of the truck and knocked himself unconscious. This version of events was backed up by two independent witnesses who gave statements to police.  The male was taken away by ambulance for head injuries.  There were no other vehicles involved and the driver of the truck was not injured.  No charges have been filed as of the late afternoon.