Summer Concerts Kick Off For Wednesday Nights In Bensalem

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley The Doobie Others kick off the concert series in Bensalem

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Summer nights in Bensalem are  a lot more fun in Bensalem with the start of the summer concerts.  Wednesday nights at the Penn Community Bank Amphitheater the concerts have started.  The first show was last night,  June 5,  2019.  When you go to see a show,  some venues have a parking fee.  This is rip off city with some rates approaching $50.00.  Not in Bensalem there is free parking  right on the township grounds and an over flow lot as well.

There is a cost of admission, $5.00 for township residents, unless you purchased a season pass. It’s a bit more for out of towners. There are food trucks and a snack bar as well. Prices are reasonable. This is not a stadium with  outrageous prices. Most items at the snack bar are $3.00 or less.     It’s quite possible that a family of four can have an enjoyable night out  and eat for less than $20.00 in food.

Bensalem has tribute bands. Not the real thing, but these bands are still really good. The season openers, The Doobie Others sound really close to the real Doobies. The set list contained songs from every era of The Doobies,  All the bands are paid and the money raised from admission and food sales goes to pay them. Lawn chairs and blankets are permitted, as is outside food.