Lemonade Here!!

Digital Reporter- Jeff Bohen

Heading to the Bristol Borough Post Office Tuesday afternoon, came across a young man selling Lemonade with his father sitting in a bench nearby on Beaver St.

Micheli, aged 9, and dad, Fred Gulino,, were serving up the ice cold drinks to locals in and around the borough post office for $1

But the highlight of the brief encounter was when a man purchased a cup of tangy refreshment, paid with a $10 and told the young entrepreneur to “keep it!”

“Really?” Michelli, exclaimed.
The gentlemen said “yes: and went about his day.

The beaming smile of accomplishment and industry was worth it, from this hyper-local reporter’s perspective.

The young man said he was making the money for his rainy day fund but was unsure what would specifically trigger a spending of his hard earned cash.


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Jeff Bohen
Digital Reporter
Jeff Bohen has been covering news in the Philadelphia region since 2008. First on Temple Student Radio WHIP's "Run Down" Show. He then Interned at WBCB, and was a Patch.com contributor on four different Patch sites. Bohen was/ is the co-founder/creator of LeviittownNow.com helping it become the most popular digital news site in Lower Bucks County.
Bohen is a passionate about educating the public on issues surrounding mental health, as he lives with Bi-Polar Disorder. In his free time, Jeff is a avid sports fan, podcast listener, and metal head whose the best air guitarist/drummer he knows. Bohen is single and has no children.