Male Critical After Vehicle Goes Over Embankment

Sal Rosasles, Special to Delaware Valley The cra sits down the embankment, waiting for a tow truck.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A man is laying in a hospital bed, critically hurt when his vehicle left the road and went airborne. As his vehicle crashed  into trees and brush,  the driver was pinned in his vehicle. The crash occurred during the early morning hours of September  7 2019. The location was near the inter section of Welsh and Alberger in Northeast Philadelphia.

The accident happened when the road was clear. No other traffic and no witnesses.  That meant the driver was unable to be seen from the road. A woman out for an early morning walk  noticed the car and called for help.  It took rescue workers time to stabilize the vehicle and reach the driver. In addition to that, he had to be loaded into a stokes basket and brought up a steep embankment.