Eight Electric Car Chargers Installed At Bensalem WAWA

Dawn Altstatt photo- Special to Delaware Valley News.com The charging stations.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Driver-less cars may be a few years away from being mainstream but electric cars are here now.  The problem is, just like regular autos need fuel, so do these cars. Thier fuel is not gasoline but electricity.  Motorists that have  or are thinking about purchasing a Tesla,  now have a place to charge them up.  The WAWA on Street Road near Route 1 just had eight charging stations installed.

It is unknown if other models of vehicles besides Tesla will work with these chargers.  People can run into the store for a bit of shopping,  while their car is charging, come back out and maybe spend a few more minutes there to insure  there is enough electricity in their vehicle. These charging stations were just recently installed and are ready for use.