AS Bernie Sanders Quits, Joe Biden Courts His Supporters

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Bernie Sanders

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Bernie Sanders suspended his bid to be president. That announcement was made just before noon on April 8 2020. This leaves Joe Biden and Donald Trump to battle it out in  November.  Bernie ran on the premise that there is a problem with politics.  Everyone is getting rich and people do not want to pay front line workers $15.00/hr.  Health Insurance should med Medicare For All as well as Democratic Socialism. Sanders was slammed on social media for living large while telling everyone else to share the wealth.   His free education plan resonated with younger voters.  However, with everyone getting a free education, his idea, if it came to fruition would push class size to the thousands.

Alex Lloyd Gross File photo Bernie speaks at the DNC in July 2016
Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Joe Biden is now the Democratic challenger.

For a brief period, Sanders was the front runner, and his campaign fizzled to a halt after Biden won South Carolina. He never regained his political footing in spite of his rabid following.  His followers are predominantly young people who are fed up with the establishment. With the COVID-19 Pandemic,  no candidate could go out to campaign. America also found out the grocery store workers, truck drivers and security people actually run this country.  Yet politicians are loathe to pay them $15/hr . His core group of supporters embrace that stance  and they do not exactly see eye to eye with Joe Biden.

Tulsi Gabbard was in the race as well and suspended her campaign in March. Her website kept crashing and there was no way to get any kind of response from her campaign. She had no chance. She implored her supporters to get behind Biden. Gabbard was slammed supporters on social media, calling her a fraud . He campaigned against the establishment and then asked her supporters to support the same establishment.

The same thing with Bernie Sanders.  His supporters are furious that he is abandoning his campaign and asked to support someone most do not agree with.  Republicans like this and hope that in November, Bernie supporters will be so disenfranchised that they will stay home or maybe even vote for Trump out of anger. As of 1:00P M Sanders website was still working.  Sanders campaigned in  Philadelphia  in front of Hahnemann Hospital last year in hopes to get owner Joel Freedman to change his mind.