Many Food Store Workers Testing Positive For COVID-19 But Few Wear Masks

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It is a shame that people who work in grocery stores are testing positive for COVID-19 .  It is shameful that the store management has not mandated employees wear masks and gloves while at work.  With workers across the state becoming infected, you would think other workers would be tripping over themselves to get safety equipment like masks .  In fact, the CDC recommends wearing one in public.

The reason,  many companies, such as Redners have said it is voluntary. A recent trip into a store in Bensalem saw only four employees masks. The rest were unprotected.  They were in contact with customers. Some even were taking money. The store manager tried to say that the store does cleaning and they adhere to social distancing. He was talking gibberish. As long as it is voluntary, there will be some that do not take coronavirus seriously. As long as employees are not made to wear masks, the store is NOT doing everything  to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The mask protects customers. It is for the benefit of customer and it also helps keep the employee safe by keeping them from touching their face. The manager was not wearing a mask.  A Redners store just a few miles away had an employee test positive. The Selecto Supermarket in Bristol Boro also had someone test [positive a while ago.

A trip to Shopright saw just about every employee wearing one.  When customers walk in and see it, it gives some of  them a bit more sense of security.   In New Jersey it is mandatory. If you do not wear one you do not work.  Masks can be purchased or even made from cloth materials.  A scarf  works  as well.

Two more employees from a Giant in Middletown tested positive in the beginning of April.  The store went through a total cleaning. It is reopened.

A lot of employees are minimum wage workers, younger in age who think they are invincible. If they are not made to wear a face mask, they will not. They are of the mindset that they will not get COVID-19. Maybe they will and maybe they will not. However, not wearing one puts the customer at greater risk.  That in spite of reduced hours, or customer capacity, or even enforcing social distancing.