City To Appoint After Action Review Committee For BLM Protests

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- One of the many protests by Black L9ives matter.

PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Kenney and Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw today announced plans to engage an independent consultant to conduct a comprehensive examination of the City’s response to recent protests and other activities, which will include investigations in the Philadelphia Police Department’s use of force.

The scope of services for the independent consultant is presently being drafted, and the City will issue a request for proposals when it is finalized. It is anticipated that the scope of services will ask the independent consultant, among other things, to:


  • Analyze relevant Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) incident, use-of-force, and other internal or investigative reports and data from May 29 through June 15, 2020 (or later) regarding interactions with persons engaging in protest and other activities to determine if the Department’s actions were in accordance with PPD policies and procedures, as well as current police best practices.
  • Collect and review body-worn camera footage, news and social media accounts, stationary video, audio recordings, photographs, directives, standard operating procedures, and other documents in the PPD’s possession.
  • Interview selected participants and/or eyewitnesses to police activities.
  • Evaluate the PPD’s application of force during protests and any unrelated criminal activity, including whether the use of less than lethal munitions was consistent with policy or otherwise appropriate.
  • Assess whether additional limitations or categorical prohibitions are needed on certain types of force.
  • Collect and review factual evidence from other law enforcement agencies assisting the PPD in the field, including the Pennsylvania State Police.
  • Analyze the PPD’s overall tactical response to peaceful protests and any separate criminal activity, including the deployment of personnel, response times, and geographic dispersal.
  • Provide monthly reports to the Inspector General’s Office and the City Solicitor’s Office during the contract period. These reports will focus on preliminary findings and the progress of the development of the investigation.
  • Provide a written report of the findings and recommendations to improve the PPD’s protocols and policies for use of force. The final report, as well as updates on preliminary findings, will be made public.

The independent consultant could be one organization or multiple organizations with distinct expertise. The timeline for completion of the project will be announced after the City engages the independent consultant(s) and agrees upon the amount of time needed for meeting the City’s expectations. The budget for this project has not yet been determined.

The FOP Lodge 5 is not happy and President John McNesby stated it is a complete lack of courage and leadership. He called the city leadership cowards and frauds.