Is a Boycott of Pro Sports Coming?

by Alex Lloyd Gross

With the threat of coronavirus , pro sports are slowly making a return to stadiums but without fans.  With the Black Lives Matter protests and riots,  many teams  and leagues have taken to promoting, some say blindly,  the Black Lives Matter agenda.  Some fans  think it is a great and wonderful thing. They see nothing wrong with players kneeling for the anthem,  and signage everywhere. They call it being “woke”  and support and participate in the narrative.The killing of George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back. No one says the peaceful demonstrations were not righteous. Everyone agrees in justice for George Floyd.

The agenda for Black Lives Matter has morphed itself into so many different faces, it is not recognizable. It is now about defunding and abolishing the police.. It is about taking away the American Flag and the National Anthem. Some members of this “crusade”  say the flag is not their flag. They want a new one and a new anthem as well. That is the conundrum for pro sports. By endorsing this group, they are endorsing the fringe agenda of people who claim affiliation with BLM.   When Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the anthem and other players  started doing it,  a good number of fans stayed home. Some football stadiums were half empty.

As baseball returns, fans watching are seeing entire teams kneeling during the anthem. While some fans are enthusiastic about it,  others are not. “I’m not going to see this  I’m done,” said an anonymous source , a 12 year veteran of the Phila Police Department  He is not alone. All over social media, people have vowed to stay away and tune out of professional sports. Just how many will actually do remains to be seen.  According to social media posts of people advocating for the boycott, it has nothing to do with black people. This movement away from pro sports is growing. The interest in sports has ebbed . Younger people  are moving away from sports and playing video games or creating their own content via Youtube or other social media. Some sports  stations have delved into political commentary.

It has to do with the incessant narrative of getting rid of the police. In the past 30 days, The Washington Redskins were pressured to give up their name  which was called “offensive” by some. They  are now the Washington Football Team.  Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben have been taken off brands, and cartoon characters have been disarmed. People are tired of a vocal minority being offended so an entire society must change. It also has to do with the riots going on in Portland and Seattle. By flying the Black Lives Matter banner, it is an approval by the team of the  actions taken by some under the BLM  name.  Black Lives Matter has done nothing to distance themselves from this lawlessness.

A great analogy would be calling a taxi and having the radio on to a station you don;t like,. A sign in the taxi says all taxis run by this company will have this on for your entertainment.  Would you call them again or find alternate transportation?  Those people that do not share the narrative of the protesters are finding alternate entertainment. Some are spending more time with their families. Others are taking day trips.

The other part of the equation that people are rising up against is the obscene pay of athletes. As some players complain about not getting their full salary  to play in an empty stadium,  the stadium  employees are out of work. They are not alone. Many jobs are gone forever.  Either the place of employment has been closed due to the coronavirus or it was burned down in the riots.  Unemployment claims are rising and people do not have money for tickets, let alone $25.00 parking,  or $25.00 for  one meal that would lost a fraction of that  away from the stadium.  Out of work people, or people working for a fraction of their pay have no extra dollars to spend and when they do, they want to enjoy it, and spend it on a local, struggling business. Not  making the rich even richer.

A meme found on social media

To add insult to this entire mess,  a small number of professional athletes  are making Anti-Semitic comments and getting away with it by claiming ignorance.  Social media is buzzing about a pro sports boycott. Many see the symbolism as support for lawbreakers.  When fans are allowed to return,  will police have enough manpower to cover  those events? Who will pay for police protection at games?  Will those officers be supported by fans in the stands?

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105 thoughts on “Is a Boycott of Pro Sports Coming?

  1. I have been tuning out pro sports for a few years now. Especially the NFL and the NBA. I thought MLB wouldn’t get political. I thought wrong. I don’t need this crap.

    1. Same here in Britain🤔👎
      Kneeling,Black Power salutes,badges on TV pundits,TV adverts,
      slogans on pitches,logos on shirts and now for me,worst of all?
      Black Lives Matter is being pushed into British boxing,the one sport I have always loved.I only got BT Sport and added Sky Sports Main Event so I could get 90% more boxing?
      And now they are pushing these terrorists into boxing,just like they have in ruining other sports!
      I have appealed to them to stop but they won’t care.They think pandering to the mob and virtue signalling is worth more than the
      customers who pay for it!


      1. ill never watch sports again. canceled all programming related to atheletes really believe 95 percent of us give a crap. years ago sports were for real now its the wwe. most players couldnt even make a team from 20 years ago.basically they are mere intertainment at best. think about all our immigrant ancestors, they were all discriminated against.the fact is all lives matter , no one owes anyone a thing get it. i grew up poor got nothing from the government. never felt sorry for myself worked my ass off and now im worth seven figures plus. the american dream is alive if you people would wake up.its easy for athletes to grand stand when they make crazy money , that the white people pay them for the most part. when you try to erase the past history will only repeat itself.In life there are a majority of good people black and white and any other race. there are a majority of good cops of all races. we dwell on the bad ones for some reason. im thankful that cops kept me safe and i didnt give them a reason to have issues with me. athletes should walk a mile in there shoes before thinking anyone cares what they do. i think they would thank god they got home alive to cash there pittifull pay check. i treat everyone as an equal black or white as do most americans do.i agree with the fact no one should be treated any differently, but dissagree with the way to get there.protests are fine to get a view out there, but the situation now has spawned more racist people on both sides of the issue. things change slowly in our country but they do get better over time. change comes from actually voting for people not because of there race but because of there beliefs in justice for all.when black people vote 90 percent for any democrat who only does lip service to them during a campaign,why would things change. there are brilliant black people who could make a difference like john james but will he get black support i doubt it.looting and riots bring hate but a vote can bring change , thats the american way.this year we have joe biden who if you have a brain understand he thinks black people are inferior . thats what the problem is, a democrat who only sucks up to people of color for there vote. and he will get 90 percent of you have donald trump who black people dont like but is not a politician. he says whatever he wants to and realizes that he wont get the black vote anyway. but actually thinks more of good black people than the democrats. now you see why things dont change.democrats have worked the black population forever and given them little. so stop the riots and protests until after the election , republicans understand the minority vote is always lost, this is a photo opp. to piss off the majority of americans and trump will easilly win Again.people of color are being used again without realizeing it.and atheletes are helping the problem get worse.

    3. Pro Sports has diminished performance by almost every player due to over evaluating its place in society. Virtual incompetent hitting abilities with high strike out ratios combined with five inning pitching (UGH)
      and multi million dollar reward contracts are hopefully a thing of the past. The previous generations of players knew who held the whip of performance for pay and respected the fans by a conservative demeanor. The personal sloppy appearances of present day play is a further tribute to the idea non constraint will become lawlessness. May the fans acknowledge and do their boycotting by not watching or attending any games.

    4. Once the basketball and baseball teams took their night off in protest I was done! How about waiting for the justice system to do their job before deciding who is guilty. How about protesting all the police that are killed every year by criminals!! No one ever cares about them, at least the athletes don’t seem to. Hope you enjoy your failing leagues as more and more fans say we don’t need politics in with our sports.

    5. I am calling all NFL sponsors and then not using their products or services too, in addition to turning games off.

      Here is Allstate’s media contact # and Email they are huge NFL Sponsor. 1 847-402-5600

      I am giving them about a month to pull away, then changing my car and house insurance.

      I know of Gatorade, and Budweiser.

      I encourage others who feel strongly about this to do the same and Please put that info here and elsewhere on social media.
      This our country folks!

    6. I too held tickets for each professional sports teams for decades. I also brought my clients to the games. Now I’m boycotting oh professional sports in the United States and all their sponsors. I’ve got 900 employees and I brought this up had a few meetings and told them the reason why I don’t know why any sports on television anymore.

  2. Athletes are caving to the anarchists demands (Drew Brees) out of fear of losing the careers that they’d worked so hard to achieve. We the People have a one-time opportunity to show the world that we will not support the organized destruction of these United States. Boycotting professional sports is the first step in taking back our birthright to be proud Americans! Take a stand!

  3. All pro and college sports teams care about one thing. Revenue. Hit them in the pocketbook and they will be forced to change, if these athletes want to keep getting those ridiculous salaries.

  4. It’s absurd that people will complain and moan and despise a country that allows them to play a child’s game and get paid millions for it. The lack of self-awareness these athletes have would be comical if it wasn’t so sad. I’m personally done with sports. We all watch sports for entertainment and to get away from real-life problems. Now, they’ve ruined that. Well, let’s see how political they are once the money stops rolling in. They’re all a bunch of hypocrites. Tim Tebow was accosted daily by the media when he would kneel (not for the flag) but in prayer during a game. But, all these jokers are applauded and worshipped by the same media outlets because they are kneeling against the country that gives them immeasurable comforts. Pathetic.

  5. Thank you. I was beginning to think I was in a very small minority of fans who have had enough of those who use this platform to push their political/cultural/ideological agendas. I’m glad I am not alone. I would be against this madness if they used it to promote a right wing ideologic agenda. Our flag, our anthem is not left wing or right wing, it is America. Our history, with all of its warts and scars, is still our history. Now that even the ‘Great American Past Time’ has been co opted by a mob that wishes to shove their Marxist viewpoints down the throats of those who are simply enjoying a sport, a game, a diversion-I’m done. Checked out. I’m sure they will all do just OK without me.
    At 66 years old and a life long Cub’s fan, at least the sport survived long enough for me to see them win a World Series. However in hindsight I should have known that was the sign of the beginning of the Apocalypse.

  6. Those overpaid and over privileged divas will not miss the viewership of average, everyday people; the very ones who think that Derek Chauvin should go to jail for the rest of his life and that the Minneapolis City Council should be held accountable for permitting this thug to remain in law enforcement after 18 official complaints filed against him, a matter Communist News Network and even Fox News Channel fail to mention. Keep kneeling divas as it is your constitutional right. It is also my right to choose not to watch fake news, fake basketball, fake wrestling…what can I say, all the world’s a stage…

  7. I have refused to watch any sports since kneeling. They are blaming the white (Police officer) person for all the problems. Have they looked in the stands? Have they looked at the bars? I really hate it for the bar owners and the staff but people need to turn off the T.V. for all major sports. If sponsors aren’t making money they won’t be paying them. If you watch people kneeling and condoning hating someone then you are part of the problem. One year boycott and all the kneeling goes away. If things keep going the way they are and the working taxpaying person doesn’t stand up someone is going to be in your backyard in the near future and not just on the streets of Portland. Be strong and be proud to be an American.

  8. Left pro sports years ago. The “we have to play fair” nonsense along with multi million dollar a year kids did it for me. Better ways to spend my time and life then supporting arrogant peckerheads ! Political statement simply is another form of alienating your customers. Let others pay for it.

  9. As of today, Hockey is literally and figuratively beginning to bend the knee, as well. I had already turned my back on the NFL and hockey was my last hope. Things won’t change, with my leaving with my wallet as there are too many sheep, but I won’t be a part of this, my principles are more important, and I won’t allow a senseless mob tell me what to think and do just for the sake of watching a spoiled millionaire throw a ball.

  10. I have loved professional football, baseball and basketball for my entire life. I applaud the athletic excellence and the entertainment provided. On the other hand, millions of fans are working folks who look to Saturdays and Sundays for relaxation and a break from strain and stress. While there are societal issues I support, if well-paid athletes insist on shoving their agenda down my throat on weekends, I will walk away forever from sports on television. Professional athletes should feel free to pursue their causes. but not on my dime and weekend time. Count me in for total boycott; sign me up!!!

  11. I’ve been boycotting professional football for 3 years. It’s a total disgrace what’s happening in this country but I’m now going to boycott not just professional football but all professional sports. We just had a black president for eight years all our major cities are run by black mayors. All I professional sports at majority of black people making multi millions of dollars. They have affirmative action in other words they get promoted because of the color of their skin. And now they demand their own national anthem. This is destroying the United States and let’s not forget a divided nation will not stand. And by the way I’ll never Watch professional sports and I’ll never buy Nike or drink my coffee at Starbucks and many other corporations and I’ve got nine hundred employees.

  12. I’m 60 yrs old and have been a MLB and NFL fan my entire life. I can’t understand how one group of people can be so disruptive and perpetually unhappy. I don’t think these woke idiots realize the sacrifice a long term fan makes when we cut ties. When I’m done with something I’m done period. It took a lot to run me off but they managed. If I start hating on my customers I soon won’t have any…Duh!!!

  13. How ironic that overconfident talking heads like Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright are going on about how great the viewer ratings are for the recent NBA and MLB games. Hmmmmm, might they being seeking to convince themselves? While the viewership did have slightly large numbers for the first games back from corona, how ironic that the ratings of the Lakers/Clippers and Jazz/Pelicans games were lower than Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity during that week. So if Cowherd and Pinhead Nick Wright (Pencilneck has already been given to Adam Schiff) want to make audacious claims that those who are boycotting sports are in the L column, perhaps their over-inflated egos make for their blindness with regard to the ratings (and that Carlson and Hannity have the same employer,just saying). Then again, maybe they are inviting some of their Marxist pals from Communist Narrative Network over for circle jerks and reach arounds….

  14. Read these figures on the #boycottnba twitter page from August 6, 2020:

    Cable TV Viewership Ratings 08/06/2020
    -Hannity 4M viewers
    -Carlson 3.9M viewers
    -Thunder/Lakers game 1.2M viewers
    -Nets/Celtics game 1M viewers
    -76ers/Wizards game 194K viewers

    Would any of you previous posters here be willing to offer a translation? Can the games viewership be considered remarkable? Yet, the NBA and its Marxist clones do not even acknowledge the existence of ordinary people who care just as much about police brutality and impropriety; would contend more so than they do.

  15. Black Lives Matter is totally against America AND EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR AS TRUE AMERICANS. If it’s a choice between Church and sports, Roger Guddel, I’ll church. And the True American way, not socialism or Marxism, like you Roger. You make your money from advertising, we will not longer watch sports from businesses or at home. Let’s see how big your paycheck will be with no advertisers.
    From Vietnam Era veteran, family and friends. God Bless America!!

  16. Most all of these professional athletes cry about oppression and know nothing of it. They are getting paid in a year what most people won’t see in their lives. Where were they before all this? Might show up in your community for a few million. They have become a disgrace the way they dishonor the flag and this country which has spoiled them like the brats they are. They say its not about the flag or the national anthem, then find another time to kneel. They are just trying to cash in on commy kapps newfound popularity. Show some respect to the great Veterans who fought and gave it all so we could have these freedoms, and the police who go out everyday and protect us. Down with all professional sports. I use to watch them all the time. Now can’t stand to see the garbage. Like Ditka said, get out if you don’t like it here.

    We have rooted for them for decades because historically they were fine men and women and we honored their representation of America at the highest levels. That is no longer the case. It is sad that we can’t continue to love them and thrill at their achievements but the Unamericans have become more powerful then the athletes that we have always admired. We have to take a stand and boycott the whole structure economically. (many have been doing this for several years). But there is something else that should be done. That is going to your college and pro fanblogs and laying out the case for the boycott. Citizens who have been betrayed by their heroes must move away from those that don’t represent them any more. We will not support thugs, abusers, anti-american activities and the destruction of our country. Sadly, the college football teams PAC 12 and BIG 10 have started moving the same way as the pros and unfortunately that is coming fast. So, we can warn our teams and withhold our funds and find other meaningful things to do with our lives. It’s a sad day for all of us who have loved sports forever but the pros and gone and if some pushback comes to pro sports it will have to come from those players and coaches. Support to all of you taking this principled stand and especially to all those strong enough to take this message to the fanblogs.

  18. To me, watching sports was a diversion from things like politics. Now left fringe politics is seen engraved on the NBA court and players uniforms.
    I’ve watched my last NBA and MLB games. I know my attendance alone will not affect the league, but if enough people politics-opt-out-of-sports, “POOS”, perhaps they will listen.
    In the future, rich self-entitled athletes will wonder why they no longer get the inflated salaries they once received. Simple math would dictate that losing half of the fan base would cut a salary in half. You might say it’s the result of athletes putting their money where their mouths are. Sadly many of them just won’t get it.

  19. I don’t agree with the BLM protest whatsoever and I don’t need this platform at sport venues or by the players themselves. Sport pros are paid to play a game, just like everyone who has a job gets paid when they go to work. Workers and businesses can’t boycott there employers or stakeholders so why should sport pros get to. I don’t need to watch these sport pros protesting their stance or views on whatever they are concerned about. Save it for your platform outside the game. I don’t need to watch it on TV or view it at a live game.

    1. it’s a sad day when you put all your trust to less than 3000 blacks in pro sports to lead a great cause for social representation and advancement,when they are less than 1000th of 1 percent of the black u (black people) really think black pro athletes give a shit about you.wake up because when pro sports go down the drain,you will never hear from them again.come on,you are better than this shit.change starts at home in how we raise our children and be fathers that support them,not only monetarily but emotionally and academically,then change will happen!!!!! don’t put all your trust to lead you(40 million blacks) to the inmates running the asylum.we are much better than that and deserve more than that.teach our children to get a college degree and make something of ourselves in life,instead of chasing an almost impossible dream to be a pro athlete or rapper.the odds are stacked against us.TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!

  20. Im done also. The hypocrisy in this nation amaze sme. Luka Doncic was called a bitch ass white boy & nothing happens. Had Luka called someone a bitch ass black boy he would have possibly been released, definately suspended. Im just sick of this bullshit. Heres a novel idea : Dont resist arrest!

  21. pro athletes are part of the problem. these shootings happen because poor turn to crime then get shot. Le Bron James bought a $52 mil home and his net worth is 480 mil. invest 90% (432 mil) into creating business and job opportunities and these people won’t be committing so many crimes and getting shot.bruce springsteen 500 mil Beyonce 500 mil Madonna 850 mil. If all 4 of the above invested 90% of their net worth you would have 2 BIL invested in job creation and getting poor kid educated. And that’s only 4 of the people who talk but close their pocketbooks

  22. These protest are nonsense. Every case ive seen is a black man who refuses to obey a white police officer. That cop is doing his job, responding to a call. Im sure thats a very stressful job. He doesnt know you. Its nothing personal. Listen to him or her. Do what they say & plead your case in court. Dont make them repeat ” put your hands where i can see them” 17 times. Dont fight them, grab their tazer, run then turn around & aim it at them. Dont turn your back on them & walk to your car (they dont know what you’re walking there for). You’re not special. You’re not above the law. Every propaganda news footage ive seen is a dead black man who would be alive today had he done what the law says he should do.

  23. The protest are bullshit. What are you really against? It damned sure isnt about law abiding innocent people being shot. Its about people who need an excuse for every bad thing they do. This poor innocent man was shot for being black. He didnt just commit a crime( he actually did). He didnt resist arrest ( he actually did). Its the white guy with the badges fault. Its America 2020. That sounds about right.

  24. Pro sports are dead in my world. I went to broad street when the flyers won the eagles won went to the parades. Had season tickets came home to watch games. Never again.

  25. Fuck all sports and those Cunts who caved into BLM
    Send them all to North Korea!
    I will pay for the one way plane ticket.
    Death to BLM, All white liberal filth, Communists
    It’s time for us to go out when there rioting and baseball bat some skulls since our pussy mayor, DA and are now impotent police departments wont lift a hand to put a lid on this shit.
    The media is sparking a civil war by calling us. (all caucasians)rascist, white supremacists. Fuck That!
    I lived in Philly my whole life and never felt this kind of tension sparked by the media and the so called democratic party.
    Remember the world is watching! Every Communist nation is primed to step in and take over. If this is what you want then there will be blood in the streets for a long time to come.
    I’m not gonna be punished for the mistakes of others and expected to accept it. Time for reaction!
    Death to the Corporate run media propaganda machine that rivals the Nazi minister of propaganda Josef Goebbels.
    For months they told us to stay in ,where a mask, stay away from your loved ones, all bullshit. Scare tactics.
    We are tired of it ! No More!
    We are already in a war on freedom and that war started 1776 !
    God Bless America!
    Say a prayer for your country and your President!

    1. Right on!!! Glad to see others who’ve had enough of this BLM bullshit. I hope all professional sports fail. Just wanted to watch some baseball. But noooooo!!! The spoiled niger multi millionaires, playing a game created by a white guy, being payed by a white guy, decided to protest. Fuck that shit. I’m done with all of it. Such a false narrative from mainstream media. Fuck all Demacrats!!! God bless America and our President.

  26. Fuck BLM. It’s anti-family. It says so plain and clear on their website. Anyone, individually or a group, who supports this is whacked out. My principles will not kowtow or virtue signal this BS. And so does my $$$.

    All Lives Matter!!! Trump 2020!!!

    1. Exactly. Income inequality in the any community is mostly attributed to the lack of a nuclear family. Communities of any race with a strong nuclear family have much higher standards of living. If America had systemic racism, we wouldn’t see Indian Americans outearning whites, but they are because of their strong family units which support them in education and the workplace. If BLM cared about black lives and leveling the playing field, they’d be promoting a strong nuclear family unit in the black community. Instead, they are doing precisely the opposite, which will lead to even lower education levels and higher crime and poverty in the black community, and others.

  27. Here we are one month after this story and I watch these teams boycotting their own games and even walking off the field with a blm shirt on the field. My husband and I who are lifelong Angels fans have not watched a game since and never will again. Maybe it’s time for us to enjoy our local high school and college sports teams when they come back. Support and cheer for those up and coming young players. I promise I will never watch another MLB, NFL, or NBA game again. We cancelled and we’re granted a refund for our MLB Network and cancelled our NFL Sunday ticket.

  28. Over Paid Athletes have caused their own downfall. They get Millions of dollars to play a Game while Millions of Americans are suffering. Over Priced entertainment will end itsself. And the American People will not tolerate Lawlessness. Peaceful protesting is how you get noticed and then take it to the polls. NOT Rioting and Vandalism. That’s Killing their Cause Totally. Wake up and Be a Law abiding Citizen to get your point across. If a cop shoots a Black man, Then All Cops are Bad??? So when a Black person Riots and does Vandalism, Then ALL Black people are Criminals in that Logic. American’s stand for Freedom, Not Oppression. We are NOT Racist. When some people do bad things against blacks, That does’t mean everyone is Racist. Yet they forget who is supporting them. Most American’s. Wake up and do it right, Don’t loose the war just to win the battle. STOP Breaking the LAW!

  29. I loved sports played in school and appreciate the effort but its past time to get rid of all so called “Pro Sports”. You are an idiot if you support them today.

    Give your money to family’s who need it to survive.
    Mad Mad. Had purchased a Saints license plate but it’s gone now.


  30. I’m right there with all sports fan got rid of my mlb account espn account my pelicans account saints cubs everything!!!!!! 60 years old played sports my whole life. USA comes first in my family’s book don’t even watch sports on local news I turn the channel totally frustrated with pro sports an the owners we need to hit them HARD 💰💰💰💰💰 my 4 brothers and my 84 year old Dad Stopped watching. An now it’s not that tuff We fish hunt fix each other’s homes doing well screw the the big money machine pro sports fund the BLUE

  31. PRO SPORTS HAVE BECOME POLITICAL SPORTS! Pro sports are dead. I have zero interest in political sports. Nuff said.

  32. I am a disabled veteran and I was also an elite athlete for many years. Before anything, it was God and country and hopefully I did nothing to dishonor either of those along my way in life. I now see the country I served falling victim to those wearing ball caps, basketball shorts, football jerseys and even hockey sticks. I find it difficult to fathom that someone with any of this attire would understand why my eyes still tear up at the sound of our national anthem. Or, that at the sight of seeing our flag being knelt to, I fight back the rage I feel inside. I have enjoyed watched sports on all levels until a few years ago, when it became obvious to me where we were headed. Since then I have cut all ties with professional sports as I hold no allegiance to them, I receive no sponsorship for my viewing nor any salary for wearing a particular jersey. I could care less if the rest of the free world still holds these dark comedies in high esteem, I want no part of it. As long as my new knees hold up, I will stand and as long as my reconstructed shoulders allow, I will salute.

  33. As someone who spent 22 years working the streets as a Law Enforcement Officer, these whiny millionaires truly offend me. I have friends that were killed, shot, stabbed, and others maimed for life doing their best to try to protect our city from evil. I was injured more than once. I still treated people with respect and did the best job I could. These people throw and catch balls for a living, and make more in a year than most will in their entire life. It’s disgusting. I lost interest in sports several years ago. Now I know my instincts were right. Our city has gladly taken plenty of our taxes to fund these idiots and their giant stadiums. Time for that to stop. Defund overpaid athletes. Put them out of business.

  34. Because athletes use their platform to support divisive political views, I will no longer support them! Maybe the low lifes getting killed by cops should try complying instead of resistance. Most of these ass clowns would still be breathing.

  35. 2020 eventually , hopefully be looked upon as the year we demonized public servants & made martyrs out of criminals. On a personal note it is the last time i buy tickets to any sporting event. The last time i buy any team jersey or hat. The last time i tine in to any sports broadcast.. Im a lifelong serious sports fan & im done. Hell, the Lakers are my favorite team, have been for thirty years. They can go to hell. Win, dont win. I wont be watching.

  36. Big time hockey fan. Never thought I would turn it off especially in the middle of the playoffs, but screw it, I’m done. My wife didn’t believe it but when she asked me when the next Bruin game was and I said I have no idea, then she believed me.

  37. I think not only boycott the sport but the sponsors of those sports if they can not support America. They do not deserve the American dollars. Let them play there sports in other countries. These are no longer American sports.

  38. I have tuned out pro sports more and more each year. This year I am done. None! Let these guys from now on get real jobs. If they don’t appreciate us fans then they can figure out how to survive like the rest of us out here in the real world. And function in the real world. We watch sports to get away from the everyday news cycle of politics and such. Now we can’t even watch sports without it being shoved in our face. Good luck guys and gals. Lets see who will be left to fund your sporting activities now. Kiss your lavish lifestyles away.
    Oh and by the way….yes I am a white conservative, part of a bi-racial family. And we say all lives matter because they do! Show respect to everyone….it goes a long ways.

  39. They took all of my “entertainment” and made it into a “platform”.
    Simultaneously, they labeled me a racist and accused me of oppression with no evidence because of MY skin color.

    All they really did was to made me realize how much time and effort I wasted watching grown men play a child’s game.

    I’m done.
    They can get their millions somewhere else while we that are truly oppressed go back to our day jobs.

  40. I used to enjoy all sports but will not be tuning back in until these crybabies grow up and realize that it is us that pays your salary.

  41. The only pro sport that will not take a knee and push a marxist agenda is the PGA Tour! So we have one thing we can watch and not be subjected to the blm crap!

    1. One golfer on the pga wears that black lives matter bullshit on his shoes can you believe it I have not quit watching golf along with all pro sports thaler 3 years ha ha

  42. “If [danger] ever reach us [the United States] it must spring up from amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” Abraham Lincoln, 27 January 1838. We are witnessing the destruction Lincoln spoke about and we have a choice, stand by and do nothing or rise up against the Marxist movement and crush it.

  43. When hard working law abiding white folks quit on black america it is going to send a message that they have needed to hear since the 1960s. Black folks have wrecked every inner city they inhabit and are now wrecking pro sports. They are hypocrites as many black athletes have 5 kids with 5 women, hanging out at strip clubs every night-many many are felons, this is a reckoning long overdue.

  44. Black Lives Matter has admitted to being Marxist Organization. Their agenda is as follows… A. Defund Police Forces B. Abolish Jails/Prisons C. Abolish the Nuclear Family and D. Force reparations for Slavery (from White Tax Dollars).

    So what is to keep them from committing crimes, moving forward? Nothing! No police/no rules/no jails/no consequences. What rational person would support that anarchist agenda.

    They are anti-Christian and anti-family. I am so deeply disturbed that the mainstream media and these professional sports leagues have lent their support to this evil and un-American cause. This is the time to save our country and put sports behind us. As a life-long Reds, Lakers and Rams fan, I can finally say I am done forever. If I need a professional sports fix, it will be Golf, and nothing else.

  45. I agree ther to play game for a paycheck leave personal ideals
    Out of it kids look to u as role models
    Will never watch again owner grow some fire all these protesters plenty talent out there in the world these men should feel kucky

  46. I have been following the politicizing of sports since Colin Kaepernick embraced the Black Lives Matter Organization and its vilification of all police officers and lies about the judicial system. Also shoving your political agenda (even if I agree with parts of it) down the throats of working stiffs who pay a lot of money to watch sports on Sunday is the ultimate action of self-centeredness and exploitation. I grew up loving all kinds of sports and respecting all races who participated. Now, I am done with professional and college sports forever. I will spend my money to support groups that Boycott Boycott Boycott!

  47. You all have to keep buy them tickets and watching those games. A brother gotta get paid. I ain’t taken no pay cut. Bitch ass white people buy most of the tickets. They so stupid they just keep doing it. The real fools be the white fans. They just be a bunch of Bitches.

  48. Well, I gave them a chance to play football and not politics last night. They didn’t, so add me to the dropout list. I will never understand these sheep in professional sports. Are all these athletes in unison or to afraid to speak out in opposition?

  49. Dear NFL, you might feel good letting all these players kneel and hold up their fist While disrespecting our flag and country and you giving it praise, but my America doesn’t want to see it and have had enough! Good bye

    1. Right on !
      To the NBA as well:

      I represent the typical middle class , 45-55 work week citizen, I will not have multi millionaire ass holes use their social media/ T.V presence to give me their take on our social climate. Keep your dam political opinions to yourselves and do your (over paid) jobs!

      In my line of work, my career; if I speak my political insight to customers , I could lose my job. These morons want to push a idealism in our faces, through our media and almost force feed it to us.
      Punks who make absurd money, spend wealth on pure materialistic things, have homes and cars that they know DAM well they want protected by law enforcement. Take your hypocrisy and shove it.

      I’m done, I will get soooo much more done on my weekends and free time.

  50. PGA! No guarantees in golf. US Open time. Thus far no political agenda has been forced down my throat. Something tells me the tour is smart enough to remain neutral. Watch some golf this week or better yet.. go play some golf.

  51. All Sports on National TV should only be about the sport. NFL, NBA, Baseball, NASCAR , and all the others including minor leagues and college sports should Only be about the Game!! I am Sick and Tired of all the Politics, COVID-19 , Rioting/Destroying Property and BLM. Let a Game be just that a Game, play the National Anthem. Stand and salute our flag. Stop the back and forth of non support and then oh I guess we should support the changing times. Open the country, schools and Businesses. Thank you and God Bless America

  52. Professional sports they forget they are entertainers and they get paid really well to do so to support Blm to riots and destruction and killing innocent people burning small business all over this country is a really bad look professional sports and all the fake stars are really the problem let’s boycott all off them

  53. Oh my gosh people U know why a lot of stadiums aren’t allowing fans it’s not just Covid 19 because so many normal people like us would boycott games because of this black lives matter crap It would be the biggest news and sports franchises would lose billions of dollars in advertising And revenue and would eventually not be able to pay these idiotic and spoiled Mostly black athlete’s they seem to worship let’s continue to boycott sports We the Fans are the real Champions!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I will not support nfl, mlb, and the rest of pro sports who support a socialist, anti American, hate police, disrespect our flag, our nation, and our national anthem.
    Blm, leftist crap is not something I condone or support.
    I respect law enforcement, our military, capitalism, and Christianity. Pro sports and I have opposite beliefs

  55. NBA takes its fans for granted, I will not watch a basketball games that bows down to BLM communist Marxist. Americans are tired of Millionaires trashing our great God based country. But will support China who purposely created this China virus and sent it to the world. Go live in China let the pay you to play basketball.

  56. NBA takes its fans for granted, I will not watch a basketball games that bows down to BLM communist Marxist. Americans are tired of Millionaires trashing our great God based country. But will support China who purposely created this China virus and sent it to the world. Go live in China let the pay you to play basketball.

  57. I was a big NBA and NFL fan most of my life, but as I got older it does not appeal to me anymore! These athletes make millions of dollars but they complain about inequality and trying to push politics on the average person! It’s absurd! In addition, I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with athletes they will never meet or get to know! It’s stupid. And then they sell tickets to attend a game for crazy prices. Who the hell wants to pay over $1,000 for a damn sports ticket! Smh! They can have it! I’m done with professional sports! If these athletes invested some their money to open up jobs, it would be so beneficial to help people in difficult times! But they rather waste it on a 100 mil home, etc, the world we live in! Smh

  58. Like so many others I’m sick and tired of a bunch of woke, uneducated, self-entitled millionaire morons trying to shove a bullshit communist agenda down our throats. As far as I’m concerned pro sports and a number of college teams like Texas have gone woke and can go broke…..and the sooner the better.

  59. These organizations and companies are being fooled. These “activists” are such a small percentage of the population but they use bots to bombard them electronically and they cave. Maybe if they stopped to think for a moment they’d realize these “activists” think the only use for a baseball bat is to break and destroy things. Meanwhile MLB flips the finger to the real fans. To hell with all professional sports. And to hell with these corporations that kneel to this crap. This is the power we have, the only power we have. Do not watch and do not buy their products. These “activists” have little to no purchase power. Show some discipline people! Show them what’s up before we lose this country!

  60. I will never watch any sport again, because of BLM. Because of a few bad cops, they have distorted all sports.

  61. LeBron James was woke. He simply heard about a white cop shooting a black person & in his woke mind it had to be ” Whitey’s” fault & he was compelled to tweet a picture of the cop with the caption ” you’re next”. He knew only 1 thing about the incident. White cop shoots black person. He did no research. If he did he would have known the cop most likely saved black lives. Then again that wouldn’t fit his ” my people are always victims mentality”. After someone educated him he took the tweet down & ESPN spent 7.5 seconds talking about it. The same ESPN that spent at least 3 days bashing Drew Brees because he thinks you should stand for the national anthem. This hypocrisy is ridiculous.

  62. LeBron James quote : I took the quote down because it’s being used to create more hate – this isn’t about one officer. They always use our words to create more racism. I am desperate for more accountability. What I say: 1st off genius, the fact that you saw white and black and had no other information and you based your decision simply on that is the very definition of racism! 2nd: you said this wasn’t about one officer yet you were the one who put this one officer’s face up on your Twitter page with the caption ” you’re next”. Finally: You want accountability? Look in the f****** mirror and be accountable & apologize to this human being you slandered. Have a nice day hypocrite!

  63. F your noise and hatred. You guys hate black people, pretend its a narrative thing, and have never really understood what’s going on in economics, society, or the environment. White trash bitches who have opportunity at everything but still have made so little of your hateful close minded lives. White lives have always mattered and ruled. The fact that you all think there is any politician that is left in this country simply means you all have money, are white, and drank plenty of the racism kool-aid mama gave ya. In sixty years nothing has changed. You should hate LeBron for being a stupid pawn in perpetuating the cinderella fallacy of pro sports, and support laws that create opportunity for all Americans. And if you decide to get your heads out of your asses, look at the laws Kamila signed that protect city’s in CA from lawsuits (rather than citizen rights) by suppressing evidence. We build stadiums for billionaire owners with our tax dollars and we take $7.55 as a federal minimum wage. The $3.35 an hour I got in high school would be $17.36 now if indexed for inflation. But you all are too stupid to calculate that and instead spew your hate on disenfranchised Americans. But go ahead and pay $40K a year to send your kids to state university. At least you can borrow the money to get them there. If BLM all along, there wouldn’t be this discussion. Morons!!!!!!!!

  64. Lmfao. This clown cries F this noise & hatred & very quickly follows up with the term ” white trash bitches”. Then you whine white trash bitches have every opportunity. News flash : Their are white people just as poor as you. There are white people who struggle just as much as you. They just can’t use racism as a fucking crutch to excuse every bad thing in their life. Truth is you need your fucking crutch. God forbid you look in the mirror & take accountability for the crime in your neighborhood. God forbid you acknowledge most of these shootings could have been avoided if your self entitled ass wouldn’t have RESISTED arrest. Once again: you dont want equality. You want someone to blame for your dumbass actions. Have a nice day Doug!

  65. Gee, I thought things were going to improve with the newly erected,oops, elected president promising to bring this nation together. Am curious, how has that worked out, simply asking? Mainstream sports media pundits avowed of the way sports ratings would greatly increase. How has that been working? Awards shows? Has anyone noticed the viewer ratings with these? Oh wait, it’s all the pandemics fault. Might there be more contributing factors here than corroded virus, who’s to say? Is anyone sad to see Lebron is not going to get another championship ring? Dangit, and here all this time I thought pro sports was as fake as pro wrestling. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world (am ever grateful for that Great Satchmo tune:)

  66. Another matter….I wonder if there might be some who have potential fantasies of shooting Aruna Khilanani? Just wondering is all….

  67. The people in Power now, along with BLM hate America. They hate our culture and love Marxism. Leave America if you hate it, our Flag etc. BTW the Democrats we’re the Slave owners and who developed The KKK. Now their strong arm is BLM and Antifa. Disgusting losers.

  68. I’ve never seen a bigger pack of whiny entitled snowflakes. What’s the matter, boys? Is it your bone spurs? Or are you just throwing the mother of all titty baby ragegasms because you’re afraid your white privilege card is going to be declined?
    You people would be funny if the whole choking ball of racism wasn’t so tragic.
    Hope all of you get the life and deaths you deserve.

  69. do myths much there Laura? before referring to people on here as “snowflakes”, make certain you aren’t one yourself, just the way, please tell your pals Marx and Nietzche we all said hi. Certainly appears that Antifa is super glad to have you as a representative. God bless you 🙂

  70. My family,friends,co workers, and community have permanently ban all pro sports from our lives and are encouraging the rest of the country to do the same. 90 % of racism in the US is driven and carried out by black special interest groups against the most caring, charitable race in the country… That would be the race that fought and gave there lives to free the slaves who were sold into slavery by black muslim tribes in Africa. How many blacks today would fight for the lives of white people. 0….. 90%of the racism in America today is carried out by black special interest groups and the black race that has been lead to believe that they can create a life of riches without working your way up the ladder like the rest of the races of the US … The black race now enjoys racist tv shows such as “white people” a show that spends 30 minutes of insulting white people as it’s only directive.. equally hurtful is the fact that for the last 50 years the white people of America have strived to teach there children to be respectful of all races, while the black people of America, by and large, have condoned the hate of there race against the white race. No one gets respect without giving it….the entities that use racism in hopes to gain financial security are the very definition of hate. They are of the lowest caliber of humans.

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