NE Philly Driver Takes Out Pole and Hydrant. Lands In Ditch

Alex lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley The car sits in a ditch.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A male is in serious condition at Jefferson Hospital, Torresdale Division, after he was involved in a serious crash  yesterday morning,  Sept 22 2020.  Police said the driver was on the 2800 block of Grant, going west,when he had a medical emergency.

The car increased in speed, clipped the rear of another car, before going out of control and taking out a light pole, and fire hydrant. The vehicle then went about 15 feet down in a ditch and spun around to face the opposite way of traffic.  Firefighters removed the driver .  A heavy duty tow truck had to be called to winch the car out of the ditch. That resulted in intermittent road closures.

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