Affordable Care Act Enrollment Starts TODAY

by Alex Lloyd Gross

If you need to renew your health insurance, today November 1, 2020 is the first day of open enrollment.    This  is good even if the insurance company screwed up  and canceled your coverage in 2020. It is good even if you never had health insurance before.


You can go to the Health Insurance Marketplace  and find the best deal for you. It goes by income. So if you make $250,000 per year, you will not be getting any discounts. If you work for $8.00 per hour this is the one time only that a low wage will benefit you.  You probably will pay very little, if anything at all.  Pennsylvania resident should go to  which is the state’s  website.  You will not be able to go to the marketplace if you live in PA.

Should you want to get your own insurance, you are able to do that. You are not going to get any subsidy, through.  All insurance starts Jan 1 2020. Pre existing conditions, (including COVID-19) is not  a reason for denial of coverage.