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Trump Files Lawsuits As Victory Is Close For Biden

Alex Lloyd Gross- File Photo Joe Biden

by Alex Lloyd Gross

President Donald Trump is behind in the Electoral College Count. As of 9:00 PM  Nov 4, 2020 he has 214 as Joe Biden has 264. Those numbers are reported by  many news outlets. There are other outlets that have Biden at 253. He needs to get to 270. So does Trump.

Trump, appearing on television early this morning  claimed he was winning and then asked by the vote counting stopped. He was not happy about the access his team has at the counting centers. In Philadelphia, they are kept 30 feet away. “We cannot see anything, we don’t know if the signature is on the envelope or where the ballot is from. It could be from Mars for all we know,” Rudolph Gulliani said. The former prosecutor is the personal lawyer for Donald Trump.  He was also Mayor of New York City. His choice of places is ironic, as Mars was indeed a place Trump visited.  Mars Pennsylvania. is in Butler County.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley News.com A media tour of the vote counting equipment in Philadelphia. was held prior to the election.

Philadelphia poll watchers must adhere to social distancing  and stay behind a small fence. Record numbers of registered voters came out to support their candidate this election.

He filed court papers in Pennsylvania to stop counting ballots until they can be properly inspected.  Team Trump is all but alleging fraud and a rigged election. The election is too close to call but as the hours tick by, it is looking less and less favorable for Trump. he is winning in Pennsylvania  but there are over 800,000 uncounted votes to be tabulated. Most of those votes are mail in from heavy democratic areas.  You can see is remarks below. Fast forward to about 22:30 , which is where he starts talking.


He has filed paperwork in Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  He also filed different paperwork challenging the fact that Pennsylvania is counting every mail in ballot as long as it was postmarked by November 3, 2020.

Joe Biden spoke from Wilmington where he said that he is confidant that he will prevail. He did not declare victory.  Some states are too close to call.  Either Trump or Biden are leading those states by a margin of two percentage points or less. As more votes are tabulated, it could go either way,  Trump does not appear to be going down gracefully, sending out a late night email to his supporters claiming democrats are trying to steal the election. He is asking for money.



Alex Lloyd Gross
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