Pick Pocket Thieves Target Feasterville Business Customers

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Police in Lower Southampton want to speak with the people who have stolen from the customers of local businesses.   A White female was in the Liberty Thrift store on Street Road.   She is accused of taking a wallet from a customer on April 30, 2021  at 6:00 PM. She then runs across the street to the Walgreens and buys Lyft and Visa gift cards.





On May 6 2021, at about 8:30 PM, two black males used deceit and trickery to take a wallet from a customer  inside the Giant store, which is also on Street Road. They then went to the Walgreens and bought  multiple Visa gift cards in $200.00 amounts. One of the males seemed very excited about his  caper. Police would like to speak with them about their choice of gift cards and enter their names into the court docket system.



If you know who these thieves are, or maybe you saw what they were driving, Lower Southampton Police want to hear from you.