Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Repairs

by Paul Big Bear
Dear Friends,
       “Who you gonna call?” I guess just about everyone knows that line from the movie “Ghost Busters” and the hit song of that name. Let’s think about that question, “who you gonna call?”; when the car breaks down, the roof starts leaking, the toilet is backing up, the heater won’t fire up, the air conditioner won’t cool things off, your computer won’t compute? All these questions are just waiting to be asked, demanding an answer.
If you are handy that way you may keep your car running all by yourself, but if not a good mechanic standing by is a good idea and I am sure you have received more than a few calls about renewing your car’s warranty. Maybe you awaken in the waterbed you didn’t have when you went to sleep as the rain is now pouring in, how many commercials have you seen about companies looking for homes in need of new roofs? Toilet backing up, the ads are flush with those who are ready to help. Heater, air conditioner not heating or cooling that is covered either way. Your computer or any of your other appliances on the fritz there are those who will be happy to help. But (here it comes) at what price? When our comforts are no longer making us comfortable we want something done to correct the situation immediately, but when we hear the cost we are shocked. Don’t worry, like your car’s warranty you can purchase a warranty policy for most anything that can breakdown.
So I ask, “Who you gonna call?” I can only speak for my home. My wife is very familiar with my skills as a handyman; she refers to our home as “A house of ill-repair.” I have a tool box with the standard tools one uses to make minor repairs around the house (so I am told) and in the beginning of our marriage I would proudly get my tools and announce that I was going to make the necessary repairs, I felt so confident as I would assess the situation, choose my tool, and begin the task of repairing the problem, I even know some of the words that one uses while endeavoring to show my abilities. That was until one day, hammer in hand, I walked through the living room as my wife was visiting with one of her lady friends who casually commented “What is he going to do with that?” and as I puffed out my chest I heard my loving wife say “Make noise, hand me the phone book please.”