Homeless Man Convicted In Morrisville Shooting

Thomas Zorrer

by Alex Lloyd Gross

December 3 2021

in February 2019 Thomas Zorrer was homeless and he was fortunate  to be able to live in a trailer, at the Bel Aire Trailer Park, in the Morrisville section of Falls Township, where his girlfriend’s mother lived. He was  allowed to live there  as long as they were quiet,  and the couple  did not cause problems.  Zorrer was a convicted felon, with a record stating back to the early 2000’s for burglary, theft, DUI. He was given a second chance.  On Feb 21 2019 Zorrer was involved in an argument and a fight inside the trailer. . He pulled out a gun and pistol whipped the  male  victim, when he was  told to vacate the trailer.  Zorrer then fired a gunshot at the victim before running away ..


He was arrested in Penndel by the Pennsylvania State Police . He went to court and had his trial. He was convicted by  Common Pleas Judge Brian T. McGuffin  on December 2 2021 of being in possession of a firearm when he should not have one,  He was also  found guilty of attempted homicide and related charges .  Court records do not list a sentencing date.