Male Barricades Himself Inside Apartment In Parkwood

by Alex Lloyd Gross

February 16,2022


A male with mental health issues has barricaded himself inside his apartment in the Parkwood Section of Philadelphia. The incident started when members of the Critical Incident Response Team was at an apartment complex on the 3800 block of Byberry Road to serve the male with papers. They were going to transport him to the hospital for mental health issues on an involuntary commitment, This is called a 302.



They were at building B , unit 86.  The area was cordoned off, as the male refused to come out and be served. By 10:10 AM a barricade situation was declared, which resulted in additional police , fire and emergency services units  dispatched to the scene. Byberry  Road was closed near Woodhaven Road.

Police used the Shallcross School Parking lot  which is nearby as a command post.  The male was talked down and surrendered to police without incident by 11:15 AM